Monday, May 31, 2021

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 6/1/2021

 June first.  Imagine that.  I barely noticed spring and here we are nearly in the summer.  I hope you are enjoying nice weather wherever you are.

'Shattering' 3D Mural in Helsingborg Sweden by Dutch Artist

Leon Keer.

Some days I need a really big up of coffee - or tea. I feel this mural captures my feeling really well. I would like to see it in person. I can imaging myself standing below it on the sidewalk, looking up and getting very dizzy. LOL!

Artists are amazing. I know because I know many of you are artists and are amazing people. I'm quite fond of this group.

Lets go visit everyone at Elizabeth's blog. I'm anxious to see some new creations.


  1. Hi this is a very cool mural-and so large too
    Our weather has been really up and down
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  2. It's hard to believe that is 2-D. I'd love to see it from the side. It's amazing and totally unusual. Thanks for sharing it with us for T this Tuesday.

    It was hotter than Hades for two weeks in May. Then Saturday it turned cold and started to rain. It's been raining here off and on all day, but it's no longer cold. Mother Nature is off her meds!

  3. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!!!
    I have a friend who calls me Hathi. And your mural sure made me jump - I had to look it up, Hathi is the baby Elephant from The Jungle Book. Like him... China... I accidentially break that.

    "Shocking" mural, happy T-Day ;-)

  4. Darla this is quite a fantastic mural. I hope that top cup doesn't fall. Smile. Have a wonderful start to June and T day too. Hugs-Erika

  5. What a fantastic mural! Happy T Day!

  6. That 3D mural is a stunner! It'd definitely draw 2nd looks from different angles. Happy T Tuesday!

  7. Wow, that mural is amazing! It looks so real 😉. Happy June and T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  8. Very neat mural! I love street art.

    best... mae at

  9. Wow! Now that is talent! Looks so three dimensional! :)

  10. Oh wow - I would love to visit this too! Amazing art!!!! Looks totally real. Thanks for sharing and happy T-Day!

  11. How cool is that! I feel the top cup is about to fall on me and I would duck if I passed this mural. It is really great. (And as a bonus it is made by a fellow Dutchman).
    Happy T-Day,

  12. The mural is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Happy T Day!

  13. What an amazing mural, it’s so realistic you would be scared of the cups falling, there’s some great artists around,
    Have a great day

  14. Oh Wow! That's fantastic! A really, really belated Happy T day, Chrisx