Monday, March 15, 2021

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 3/16/2021

Hello my Tuesday Tea friends.  I'm happy to be able to check in at Elizabeth's blog today and catch up on everyone's news.

March can be such an uncertain month,  The weather changes from day to day (or faster).  This is the week we changed the clocks which confuses me for a few days.  Lately,  I have been turning off the screens and seeking out a little peace and quiet.

I enjoy working on a good old fashioned jigsaw puzzle.  This puzzle is smaller (300 pieces) with larger pieces than what I usually do.  I found it at a thrift store for $1.15.  I'm hoping all the pieces are there.  Have you seen the prices of puzzles lately?  Eek!

With my cup of tea and some fancy chocolate cookies (those tubes in the glass) I can have a lovely time.  Right now we are still "sheltering" so we don't have company but in years past I found working puzzles with someone often led to some wonderful conversations.

Here is a little trivia for you.  A person who enjoys assembling jigsaw puzzles is called a dissectologist.  Do you ever work jigsaw puzzles?