Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another Art Tool

Recently I purchased a new to me art tool.  I bought Liquid Frisket from the Dick Blick store near me.  It can also be purchased online and is available in other brands.  

This is what Dick Blick says about frisket.  Blick Liquid Frisket

 is intended for use on watercolor papers, photos, and other 

media where overlying applications of watercolors, gouache, 

or ink are to be made.

Here is a very simple card that I made using Frisket as a mask with some watercolor.  I applied the "hello" with a brush.  I think it could be applied with a pen nib as well.  

I know that rubber cement can be used as a mask with water color and other mediums, I've tried it and find this works much better for me.  This is thinner and the product instructions say you can thin it a bit more with water.  I didn't try that yet.  It also says Frisket needs to be used on a dry surface so if you wanted to add a second color (masking out a bit of the blue for instance) I gather you have to be sure the first layer is completely dry.  I will try that next time.

Have you ever used Frisket?  It is always fun to add a new tool to art supplies.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Neighborhood Walk - 7/27/16

I have been out walking quite early lately.  I like the early morning light not to mention the cooler weather.  

By now you know I'm not a gardener so I can't identify this plant but it was a riot of color.

Speaking of morning light.  I didn't know I captured these rays when I took the picture.  This planter box was right at the sidewalk's edge.  City gardeners use every available space.  It was all so fresh and beautiful looking that I was tempted to take a leaf to nibble on.  I didn't, I took a picture instead.

Further down the block I spotted this fellow.  I was sure glad I hadn't snitched that earlier leaf, he looks like a guilty conscience to me.

What's going on in your neighborhood?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 7/26/16

Here it is the last Tea Tuesday in July.  Elizabeth is hosting our tea party at her blog this morning. Get you favorite drink (it doesn't have to be tea) and join us. 

I was able to slip away for a few days by myself at the River House.

I tried some Ginger Tea and used a green mug from my ever growing collection of colorful thrifted china.

This is something I bought at an Asian market some time ago.  I put it on a shelf and forgot about it.  Not much is written on the packet in a language I can read so it was an adventure of sorts.  It appeared to be granules of ginger and sugar and you stirred it into a cup of hot water.  That much of the directions I could make out.   I do wonder why it is called "Tea" when there is no tea in it.  While it was on the sweet side the ginger was clearly present.  I like ginger so that was fine with me.  

There is an old cemetery at the edge of town I've been wanting to visit so this time I did.  A sign says it was established in 1836 and you can see it has a very "country" feeling.

There were a number of large family plots, edged with a sidewalk and containing one large memorial and a number of flat headstones.  

While the grass is very brown, the grounds were well kept and clean.  I saw a crew working in a distant section.  I found out that the crew was made up of people who had been ordered to do community service by the court for one reason or another.  Seems like a good community service to me.

Do you like to visit old cemeteries?  Some people find it odd but I find them interesting.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Roses on paper

I have been thinking of painting some roses.  I may eventually try painting roses on a lampshade (see previous post). When I get an idea I often like to try it in my sketchbook first.  

Here's my first attempt in pencil.

I followed that with a similar layout on a card.  I used watercolor card stock and watercolor pencils.

Back to the sketchbook for another version.

Then, because I was thinking roses, I made a couple out of tissue paper.  I was wrapping a gift and didn't have any ribbon or decorations so I put roses on the top of the box.

Do you have roses growing in your garden?  They don't do really well here and I think I need to study some real ones.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 7/19/16

Good morning Tea friends.  Today I'm going to show you a painting project.  When I'm painting it is best to leave the coffee for another time and drink water instead.

I tried something new to me, painting a lampshade.  I got the inspiration from the book "Creating a Colorful Home" that I reviewed earlier.  I used her techniques but not her stencils or actual design.

Here is where I started.  Lampshade from a thrift store and a variety of paints.  Following is the finished shade shown in 4 parts so you can see all sides.

Side 1

Side 2

Side 3

Side 4

Here you see the finished shade on a thrifted lamp base. They didn't come together and I'm not sure I will end up using this base.  It seems a little small.  If I do use it, or if I find another one, I plan to paint it.  Probably yellow.  What do you think?

Now it is time to take your drink and hop on over to Elizabeth's blog to see what the Tuesday Tea Party has in store for you.

P.S.   I will be away from the computer by Tuesday so I'm hoping Elizabeth can link me up.  I'll be around to visit everyone as soon as I'm able to.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Neighborhood Walk - 7/14/16

Window shopping makes my walk more enjoyable.  One of the shops I make a point of passing by is called The Gardener.  They have large windows and always something interesting to see.

Right now they are featuring orchids in their windows.

I think orchids make lovely houseplants but admit I don't have a lot of luck with them.  I did have one that lived long enough to bloom again but it sat around with nothing but green leaves for quite some time.

Have you ever grown orchids with success?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Exploring - *Snowball Mansion*

I did a little exploring when at the River House and went to see the Snowball Mansion.  It is a long story but a friend has a friend who is a descendant of the Knight family and lived in this house as a very small child. The local rumor is the house is haunted.  It is also said it was owned by the Russian Mafia about 15 years ago.  Then owned by an English family and was more recently a Bed and Breakfast but that went out of business. It is empty at present and while I could get to the big iron gate at the property I could only see the top peak of the house through the foliage.

photo from internet

Here's some history.

Built  by John Snowball in 1877 at the cost of $15,000 this home was one of the most elegant of the pioneer estate houses in the area.  Snowball Mansion was a wedding present to his bride, Lucy Ann Knight, eldest daughter of William Knight, the founder of Knights Landing.

Shortly after moving in the couple had a baby girl who died. That was followed soon after by the death of Lucy Ann, said to have died of heartbreak.  This two-story, brick mansion remained in the family until 1944. It is rumored that the ghost of Lucy Knight Snowball walks the halls after dark. She is blamed for footsteps heard late at night and doorbells that ring at odd hours. Once, her mournful specter walked through a bedroom door and sat on the bed of a flabbergasted boarder (so it is said).

It was fun to find out a little local history and if the property is ever open I will return.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 7/12/16

Tuesday already?  I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted.  The week included a run to the River House to deliver a piece of furniture and some odds and ends.

I enjoyed a cup of morning coffee while sitting on the porch. The cup is part of my new collection of thrifted colorful dishes.  I like the sunny yellow. 

There are many trees and bushes on the property and we don't know what some of them are.  I discovered this one blossoming.  I showed the picture to a friend who said it may be Durante.  Anyone know for sure?

This old oak secretary was the main thing on the truck this run.  It is a piece I've had for years.  It was handed down to me through my family.  You can see the shelves aren't in yet, still piled there at the bottom behind the glass door.  A few antique pictures came along as well, safely packed in cardboard (that's one at the left).  Furniture for the house is coming together slowly but surely.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.  Don't forget to visit Elizabeth who hosts our party every week.  I enjoy the group that gathers and try never to miss a Tuesday post.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 7/5/16

Welcome to the first Tuesday in July.  It is that time of the week when Elizabeth hosts a party at The Altered Book Lover Blog.

I've been walking as usual, occasionally picking up a pound or two of coffee beans.  The French Roast is our standby but lately I've been giving others a try.  This week it is Java Giling Basah.  We haven't given it a trial run yet.  The gold bag indicates a limited edition of a roast so it won't always be available.   

While walking, I spotted this cheerful sidewalk art.

Someone did a really good job I think.  Notice the mandala third block from the bottom?  

That's all I have for you today.  Tasks of daily living have been taking up my time while DH is recovering.  My walking hour each morning is not something I am willing to give up though.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy July 4th

Happy 4th of July to everyone in the U.S. who is celebrating today.  Lots of get together's and traditional barbeque's and picnics going on I expect.

The above is a fireworks stand near the River House.  The photo was taken a couple of weeks ago as they were setting up.  I didn't know fireworks stands were still legal.  I imagine it has been busy there the last few days.

We are staying in and staying quiet here by the Bay as DH recovers from his hip surgery.

Hope it is a lovely day where you are, not too noisy, and very safe.