Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 5/15/18

Tuesday is the day I join my friends on Elizabeth's blog.  We talk about many things and everyone is welcome to post as long as there is something drink related in your post.

I've been drinking this Stash tea lately.  I like the flavor and the color is beautiful.  I expect those of you who dye with tea would like too.

Meanwhile,  I recently dropped into a thrift store to look through their selection of  books.   While wandering the aisles, I found these two dinner sized plates.  I thought they were quite interesting and reasonable at $1.19 each.

I don't know this maker.  I looked them up but couldn't find these particular plates.  There was a platter with a similar pattern called "Mediterranean" though, perhaps these plates are part of that set.   Meanwhile the dishes will be used to serve snacks.  Cheese and crackers anyone?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Flora and Fauna/Art Journal Journay

My computer time has been so erratic lately.  On the other hand I've been wanting to join some challenge groups.  At Art Journal Journey the challenge lasts for a month (if I understand correctly).  That should give me time to create a new piece (required) and get it posted.

This month the theme is Flora and Fauna

Mixed media
8"x 10" canvas board

A little of everything was used.  The background is a page from a phone book, the flower is from a napkin, the green on bottom left is tissue paper with acrylic paint "dots".   I used acrylic paints to paint a hummingbird and where ever else you see paint.

Thanks everyone for hosting this challenge, it seems like it may be one I can keep up with.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Second on the Second - 5/2/18

Time to join "The Second on the Second" hosted by Elizabeth.  On the second of each month we are invited to bring an old post up for a second look.  

I've been thinking about making some ATC's so went back through my files for some inspiration.  Here's a second look at what I was doing about 7 years ago.



Do you know what an ATC is? Artist's Trading Card. It is a little piece of art. There are two rules, first an ATC must be 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches - not much bigger than the picture on your monitor.  That is the size of baseball or sports trading cards and I suppose that's where the idea originated.  Also, they must be traded not sold.

One of the art groups I belong to has monthly ATC trades and I've decided to join in for the first time. Participants submit an ATC and a monthly winner is drawn, that person receives all the ATC's entered. Sounds like fun

Tissue paper, ink, pastels

This is the one I'll enter this month.  That polka dot  tissue paper has been in my scrap paper pile for ages.

Scrap paper, oil pastels, ink

As long as I was in the mood I made a second one. I had a bit of trouble inking in the bird on the first one since it was over tissue paper so this time I did the pear on watercolor paper, cut it out and glued it on.

Are you familiar with ATC's?

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 5/1/18

Tea Time at Elizabeth's!   We've been at the River House with no internet connection so tea party attendance and blogging in general has been hit or miss.  I've been busy while there though.

Busy painting.  Painting a chair to be exact.  Water bottle at hand.

This chair belongs to my GGD, it was given to her by her "other" Grandmother so it holds sentimental value to her.  She wanted me to paint it and chose the colors red/pink.




The chair was painted with several coats of chalk paint, then stenciled and finally given two coats of wax.  Anyone else have experience painting furniture?

The GGD hasn't seen it yet, they will pick it up when we all get together at the river for Mother's Day.  

Monday, April 30, 2018

Neighborhood walk - 4/30/18

When I'm home I continue going on my morning walks.  It has been awhile since I've posted any pictures.  Winter is just not all that picturesque here.

Succulents seem to do well here.  They show up in lots of yards, especially as edging by the sidewalk.

This one with large leaves is one of my favorites.  I call those "parts" leaves but I have a feeling there is another name for them.

I like this grouping for the different shades of green and gray.

Pretty along the blue gray fence.

I'm told they are very easy to propagate with just a small pinched part from the established plant.   I admit I'm tempted but I can just see the headlines.  Grey haired lady arrested for stealing plants.  I'll just look and take photo's.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Art Journal Journey - recycle and collage

This is my first time joining Art Journal Journey and I sure hope I'm doing it right.  I think my friend Elizabeth will help me out if I muddle up.

As I understand it, Art Journal Journey has a once a month challenge and this month the challenge is recycle and collage.

Here is my entry:  Bits and pieces I found and recycled by using in a collageI started with a 8x10 canvas board.  Collage pieces are newsprint, teabag papers,  a few bits from magazines, odds and ends and acrylic paints.  I used a metal piece in the upper left and a metal circle near center.  The star is stamped on a wooden circle, the elephant (lower left) stamped on a cardboard tag.  

This actually represents the true adventures of someone who traveled in both India (elephant) and Asia (large figure).  

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 4/17/18

Surprise!  Its been awhile since I've been able to join Elizabeth and the rest of the gang for a Tuesday tea.

I've been having my tea at the River House.  There is a draw bridge right where our property ends.  Ships no longer go through the area but every year they test the bridge just to be sure it is workable.  I was excited to watch it go up and down.  They did it three times.

Workers at our fence getting ready.

They sound an extremely loud horn and...there she goes

She's up!  As the locals say.  Not sure why a bridge is a "she".  In any case it was interesting to watch but might give me pause the next time I drive over it.