Monday, August 31, 2020

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 9/1/2020

Hello friends,

The fall and winter holidays are coming up fast.  I wonder if 
anyone is thinking along those lines as they create their art.   Lets go to the Altered Book Lover blog and find out.  Elizabeth always has something good going on and everyone there contributes to Tea Stands for Tuesday.  It is lots of fun.

I am getting a second cup of tea and then I'm settling down to gather some ideas for knitting gifts. 

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Monday, August 24, 2020

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 8/25/2020

Along with the pandemic, California is undergoing another season of wildfires.  We haven't been in the path of the fire but have received our share of smoke.  A caution regarding unhealthy air has been issued over the past several days.

internet art - I don't have the link

Drinking tea helps.  Coming here to visit with friends and see what everyone is doing helps. 

We have a couple of apple trees on our river property.  We picked a lot and have told a couple neighbors to help themselves.

I made applesauce and baked an apple pie.  You can see we also harvested some tomatoes too.  Makes me realize that fall is coming soon..

Now that you've heard from me, lets go to the Altered Book Lover blog.  I am getting a second cup of tea and settling down to visit.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Tea Stands for Tuesday 8/4/2020

I'm late, I'm late said the White Rabbit.  And I say, well at least I showed up, hahaha.  I hope the tea party is still going on at the Altered Book Lover blog.

I am drinking a cup of my new Earl Grey tea and feeling quite spoiled this morning.  The tea was is a gift from a friend.  

Before having tea, I put my mask on and went for an early morning walk.  Only saw two other people and they were walking their dogs in the distance.  

I came across this pot of interesting succulents.  I really like the big rust red one that looks like leather.

I hope you are able to get outdoors, at least for a walk.  Summer will be over before we know it.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Second on the Second 8/2/2020

It is time to get together at Altered Book Lover blog on the 2nd of the month when Elizabeth asks us to give and old post a second viewing.  Here is  what I chose to share with you.  It was previously posted to Elizabeth's Tea Party nearly 5 years ago.  I do enjoy Altered Book Lover!

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 11/3/15

Time once again to join the Tuesday Tea group over at Elizabeth's blog

Recently I was sorting through my pile of old postcards.  Not exactly a collection, more an accumulation of post cards.  I know that some of the regulars at our Tuesday Tea are postcard makers and collectors.  I thought I"d share one of mine

Satisfied?  Why shouldn't I be
The whole darned thing suits me to a T.

Dear Paul,

Hope you are having lots of fun for I am enjoying myself.  I get three meals a day and don't have to cook them.

Love from your tormentor.

The post card was mailed from Leaburg Oregon sometime in 1940.  

The card always makes me smile when I read it, hope it made you smile too.