Monday, June 21, 2021

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 6/22/21

 Hello everyone.  Today's Tea post is full of surprising and interesting things.  All new to me.

Have you ever heard of a Tea Cup Holster?  What fun.

Here's an idea of how you might wear it,

Oh yes, I want one.  I will have to think of an occasion that makes one absolutely necessary.  Suggestions?  (I don't have links for the photos )

While we were at the River House I spotted something yellow from a distance.  What is that?   Has an alien landed in our palm tree?

The plants are at a side of the garage in an area that we don't really notice that much.

Our female Sago Palm blossomed.   Reading about it I found that the plants only blossom after about 10 years of age and then only blossom once every 3 to 5 years.  A first for us.  We are quite excited about it.

That's it for my interesting week.  I hope you found some nice surprises along the way too.  I'm going to visit Elizabeth and find out what everyone has been doing.