Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 4/18/16

This Tea Tuesday marks the first Tuesday in the River house (see previous post).  I'm actually writing this post in advance as we don't yet have internet connection there.

Here is where I'll be drinking my morning coffee.  Forgive me but you  will have to imagine a cup for the moment.

If you visit the rest of the posts on Elizabeth's blog today I'm sure there will be lots of pretty cups to look at.

I won't be visiting today but will be making the rounds as soon as I get back to somewhere with internet service.

Monday, April 18, 2016

The River House

We bought a second home!  We just got the keys and will be going there today.

The new home is also north of us in California but in an entirely different landscape.  Flat, agricultural and right on a river with 250 feet of river frontage and 1.25 acres of land.

Here's a peek.

Two bedroom, two bath cottage with an open plan living/dining room. Actually a little more square footage than the house we lost in the fire. Those are mostly fruit trees that you see around the house.

I pretty much fell in love with it the minute I walked onto the front porch.
Then we walked over to the detached garage which has an attached studio with a bathroom.  A studio?  With its own bathroom?  How quick can we sign the papers?

We have very little money to decorate and at this point and the contents of the previous house were lost in the fire as well.   What to do?  I'll be hitting all the consignment and thrift shops in Northern Ca and buying paint in wonderful colors.   Lots of painted furniture, lots of color, lots of art, lots of layers. 

So the fun begins.  Well...after the work of moving in.

I have something set to post for Tea Tuesday tomorrow but don't know how to link it to Elizabeth's blog.  Just stop by here if you want a peek.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 4/5/16

Time for Tea on Tuesday.  This time lets drift back to the Victorian era for our tea shall we?

Tea in a pretty cup while reading Alexandra Stoddard's book "Tea Celebrations".  That should set the mood.

Perhaps you are a coffee drinker though.  Are you dressed for the occasion?  Here is a little history lesson.

Useful Coffee Coat. 

The mission of the coffee coat is to give one a garment for dressy wear 

in the house. The woman who is clever will provide herself with half 

a dozen to wear in case of emergency. In the summer time such a coat is 

positively priceless, for it can be worn with one's old waists and odd skirts, 

and it has the merit of always looking dressed up. In case of a sudden call, 

one can dash into one's coffee coat and come into the drawing-room looking 

cool and well dressed. So much for the famous little coat, Which is 

holding the whole of fashionable London in its spell.



I'm off to visit the others who post on Elizabeth's blog on 

Tuesday morning.  There is always such a variety of things to see.