Friday, October 30, 2015

Neighborhood Walk - 10/30/2015

Walking, the Halloween version.  Shops on 4th St. are getting ready for a party tomorrow.

We used to attend when the granddaughter was small.  It was fun but I doubt we will go this year.  I do a pretty good job of scary hair styling myself.

One of the stationery stores has a nice display.  Sugar skulls, paper or otherwise, show up frequently in our area.

Crate and Barrel has everything you need for a Halloween dinner party.

While I guess this fits the theme, I found it a little odd.  Window display in a high end mattress store.  Not sure it would make me want to buy my mattress there.

Hope you have a Happy Halloween if you are celebrating the holiday.


  1. We celebrate with spooky movies and candy. I haven't had a trick-or-treater in years, but we buy the candy anyway. I haven't noticed too many holiday window decorations in stores here, but I like it when shop-owners do it.

  2. I had to laugh at the clever way the mattress store displayed their wares. It may not make you want to buy a mattress, but it made you look!

    I have only been to the grocery store and a local restaurant, and have not seen any Halloween decorations at all. There used to be a guy in our neighborhood who fixed his entire lawn with themed lights, music, and such. When he moved, the neighborhood lost a big bit of Halloween fun. I'll be there to pass out glow sticks, but last year, I was the only person who had a light on. Happy Halloween, dear with your scary hair!

  3. We spend the evening with the GDs.
    That mattress must have been comfortable for him to stay on it so long.....LOL I say "him" cause what woman gets to stay in bed that long????

  4. We will miss out local trick-or treating because Warren has a concert out of town that night. Too bad, because I love to see the kids in their costumes.

  5. I don't decorate for Halloween any more but I do enjoy seeing decorations in shop windows and neighbourhood yards. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't buy a mattress in that store, though. ;)

  6. Halloween has arrived here as I type. We no longer give out candy as in years gone by we have been run off our feet with over 100 groups of visitors. All in costumes which was interesting to see, but we now prefer to opt out. So the porch light is not on tonight. I like the displays which are more about Fall/Thanksgiving with the orange leaves and pumpkins; not so keen on lots of skeletons. People in our area don't decorate houses, but it is in the shops. Our grandchildren in Canada will be out in costume in a few hours!

  7. That is a clever cake but I get a little tired of seeing Halloween stuff. Still, I guess people like it for parties.

  8. Well, it made for an interesting walk :) Truth be told, I've lost the little enthusiasm I had for Halloween (and it never was much).

  9. Halloween with all it´s oddness to us Finns seems to have found a fertile ground.
    Ugh, not my thing at all.
    We celebrate All Saint´s day on October 31. I guess Halloween was on Friday. Bad timing for both.