Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Art Journal Journey - Vintage or Modern

It isn't often that I am able to participate in challenges.  I hope I'm doing this one right.  My choice for entry at Art Journal Journey is "Vintage".

"Vintage Fashion"
Mixed Media on 8x10 canvas board

For the background I used newspaper, old sewing pattern paper and some vintage fashion images I had from who knows where.  I used acrylic paints.

My intent when doing this work was to try a new to me resist.  You see those 4 smaller images?  I covered them with Vaseline.  Yep!  Then I covered them with the green acrylic - painting right over the Vaseline.  When the paint was tacky but not dry I wiped over the sections I had covered and the paint came right off.  I then carefully removed any remaining Vaseline with a soft cloth.  I read about this method ages ago - sorry don't recall where.  It was fun and I think rather successful.

So... that's my long Vintage entry.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 11/13/19

It is Tuesday.  Is everyone ready for a tea party?  Elizabeth is hosting the party as she does faithfully every week.  Join us, you will find a great group of people who post nearly every Tuesday

I pulled out a vintage tea cup for my tea this morning.  It seemed to fit the book I'm going to tell you about.  Doesn't everyone match their cup to their reading material?

My friend Laurie (blog here) writes book reviews.  Sometimes she generously passes books on to me.  This came in the mail recently.  Her review made me want to sit right down and read it.

"Harry's Trees"
Jon Cohen.

This is a magical book, a perfect break from out troubled times. Below is a bit from Laurie's review.  She says it much better than I can.

"It’s a brilliant story, a fairy tale on a modern scale, where the trees are as important as the people, where a little girl with a red coat is the bravest, and where the Wolf talks to the dog. The writing made me feel like the world was illuminated with golden light despite the people who were greedy. I was so sad when the book ended; not because it ends sadly but because I had to walk away from that world. Five stars." 

What book would you recommend?

Friday, November 2, 2018

Second on the Second 11/2/18

The Second on the Second is celebrated at Elizabeth's blog on the second day of every month   You are invited to bring an old post to the top for a second look.  This is one I posted in 2011 and I thought it would be fun to look at it again.  Be sure to visit Elizabeth to see what others consider worth a second look

Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos is widely celebrated in the latin community here.  I decided to make a talisman to recognize the day in my own way.

I think if you click on the picture you can enlarge it.

I really enjoy making what I call Rubble Art. Just the usual tin can lid, pull tabs, scrap paper and some beads. I actually found this string of beads in the gutter - maybe it was originally a bracelet. Anyhow, I knew I wanted to use them in some way.

Have you found anything interesting laying in the street lately?

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween 2018

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate.

knitted dishcloths - vintage Halloween postcard

Catechism for a Witch’s Child

When they ask to see your gods

your book of prayers

show them lines

drawn delicately with veins

on the underside of a bird’s wing

tell them you believe

in giant sycamores mottled

and stark against a winter sky

and in nights so frozen

stars crack open spilling

streams of molten ice to earth

and tell them how you drink

a holy wine of honeysuckle

on a warm spring day

and of the softness

of your mother who never taught you

death was life’s reward

but who believed in the earth

and the sun

and a million, million light years

of being

- J.L.Stanley

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tea Stands for Tuesday 10/30/18

Good morning.  As we gather for tea at Elizabeth's this morning, I so wish it could be in person.  Do you ever feel that way?  

Mighty Leaf Tea
Chamomile Citrus

Sorry for the rather blurry picture.  Most of you know I get my coffee at Peets but did you know I also like their tea selection?  On my last visit I brought home their Chamomile Citrus tea in the loose leaf version.  That's what I'm having this morning.  You can also get their tea in teabags of course.  

Butternut Squash and Kale

This was dinner last night.  I don't watch much television but I do like a few of the cooking shows.  The recipe for this comes from The Pioneer Woman Cooks show.  Easy and tastes like Autumn. Are there any other fans of her show out there?  It probably isn't available outside the U.S. but I'm not sure.

Hope everyone who celebrates is ready for a Happy and Safe Halloween tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Dangerous Pockets Project

I plan to join this art collaboration. I'll be muddling up some ideas. Information is on Facebook and I know some folks don't use Facebook but if you do, check it out.

In any case, be sure to read the poem at the bottom of this page.

Dangerous Coats

Someone clever once said

Women were not allowed pockets

In case they carried leaflets

To spread sedition

Which means unrest

To you and me

A grandiose word

For commonsense




So ladies, start sewing

Dangerous coats

Made of pockets & sedition

by Sharon Owens