Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October Beanie

I am way behind in knitting the items I had on my list for holiday gifts.  I simply lost the focus to knit after events in September.  

I decided I could knit a simple beanie.  A pattern I had used before.  Some of you might remember one in a pretty teal blue.  So here is the October beanie.

Did I say simple?  Yes, knit 2, purl 2 all the way until you need to shape the crown.  Even with simple I would be knitting along and find I had made a mistake in the previous row.  Not once - several times.  Apparently I can't count to two.  I did finally finish it though, that's what counts.

I showed my daughter a picture and said it was a charcoal beanie, obviously the color.  She replied "charcoaled?" - and said that must have been a Freudian slip, LOL.  Yes, some of us have a dark side to our sense of humor.

Now I'm ready to cast on for another project.  I'm pretty confident I can count to two these days.


  1. I empathize with you about not being able to count to two. It's the reason I cannot crochet. Luckily I can and do knit, though, because I can easily see my mistakes (usually) and can rip them out. ;)

  2. Some days two can be a high number...*grin* But you finished it and that's what counts (pun intended) and it is wearable. If anybody is bold enough to point out a mistake you can always tell them it is a designer pattern......LOL

  3. It's really hard to concentrate, even counting to two, when you have other worries on your mind. I actually liked that dark humor. It really IS charcoaled.

  4. You make me want to knit again. I'm really good with the's the purl that sometimes slips me up. Following a pattern is hard even if it's just 2 2 2 2...squirrel!

  5. Sometimes it is harder to concentrate on the simple, just because it tends to be more monotonous. Add to that all the sadness that must be occupying your mind, and it is certainly understandable. Glad you are back to knitting because it IS a stress busting, calming activity.

  6. Beautiful beanie - and I sometimes can't count to 2 either. The mistakes I make while knitting! Recently I have knitted up a storm - perhaps I should show some projects on my blog as well, it's a good idea. I find knitting so relaxing and just love it a lot.