Thursday, June 30, 2016

Neighborhood walk - 6/30/16

Things are going well with DH's surgery recovery and once again I'm able to get out in the mornings for my walk.

This time I kept spotting orange.  I must have that color on my mind.

I liked the orange flower against the blue grey wall of a building along my walk.  

Crate and Barrel

I also liked this orange chair.  It would fit my decorating theme for the River House but exceeds my budget by a long shot.

Then I spotted this.  I just stood on the sidewalk and laughed.

Molly b.

Here is a window side view.  Yes it is the display in a dress shop.  Berkeley politics.  I was chuckling all the way home.


  1. My favorite is the flower against the blue wall: what a serendipitous combination!

  2. Love that chair! I've been surprised at how expensive furniture is, especially when I'm looking for something in particular.

  3. Love that chair! Glad to hear DH is doing well.

  4. I admit, I had to enlarge the photo after the chair in order to "get" it. Once I did, I laughed, too. The chair is nice, but Hillary and Donald are far more interesting.

    Glad to read your husband is recovering well from his surgery.

  5. What a fun window display, and I too love the chair (and suspect it would be out of my price range too). Orange is such a cheerful colour, it always makes me smile.