Wednesday, June 1, 2016

neighborhood walk - June 1

My daily morning walks continue.  Over the past month things have been blossoming.  Here are a few of my favorites.

I like poppies a lot.  Back in the day when I was doing more drawing and painting they were one of my favorite subjects.  Hopefully I will be able to get the art supplies out again soon.

I spotted this gladiola just coming into bloom.  I realized I don't see them very often these days.  Once upon a time they seemed to grow in every garden.  I guess flowers go through being in fashion just like everything else.

I don't know what any of these plants are.  I just like the bronze looking leaves next to the white and green.

Are you enjoying the spring flowers?  Have you spotted any gladiolas?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and mentioning the poppies Darla. The big red orientals are my very favorite and just yesterday my neighbors first one of the season opened!! Of course I admired it awhile then had to take photos despite doing that every year. Thanks for sharing your lovely flowers today.

  2. How lovely to read this and see the photos - thank you Darla!

  3. I love poppies too. Here the summer flowers are out in abundance already.

  4. I like poppies, too, but they don't grow in KS. My former neighbor planted some glad bulbs and they never bloomed. It might be something that will grow in CA, but I haven't seen them here.

    Thanks for taking us on this walk today, dear Darla. I've missed you, your walks, and your art.

  5. Love seeing these flowers. They must cheer up your daily walks. They would for me. :) Erika

  6. I love those poppies! I never see them here. I'm enjoying the flowers and looking forward to more as Summer gets here :)

  7. I have a cottage garden and it is a riot of colour,love it June is a fabulous month for gardens in England.
    Funny,gladiola are the one flower I dislike too stiff and formal for me.Happy to see you back walking enjoy tagging along!!

  8. The white/pale pink flowers are some kind of anemone (I swear they are a type that blooms in autumn!) but not sure on the other leaves- looks like a Japanese maple of some kind.

    I love poppies; the giant Oriental ones are blooming now while the P. somniferums are just germinating. I want to have all kinds of poppies some day!