Thursday, June 23, 2016

Neighborhood Walk - 6/24/16

Continuing our discussion on decorating and color, how about using painted furniture?  I spotted these items in shop windows on my morning walk.

Old wood, chippy paint, tall cabinet.  Yes indeed.

Similar cabinet.  I like the lanterns on the top as well.  With the high ceilings at the River House I definitely need to include some vertical elements so it doesn't appear the furniture is sitting in a  hole.

The color and designs on this pot provide inspiration.

Do you find that once you start thinking about something you find related ideas popping up everywhere?  Ideas you might not have given a second thought to previously?


  1. It is funny how that happens - even when you learn a new word, suddenly there it is, popping up all over! I love those cupboards: chippy paint, old rustic elements, a bit ethnic, yes, please.

  2. Yes, that happen. Love those old cabinets! Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Now these are old cabinets I wouldn't mind if they were painted. And I always say when you are out of floor space, go up. But for you, going up will be a way to break the monotony. I can see how this new concept is truly catching on in your colorful new world.

  4. I took one wall and put framed pictures all the way to the ceiling. That and tall book cases is my answer to the space at the top of a room. I've stripped paint off of furniture, but I've never put paint on. I really do like those bright colors you're finding!

  5. Yes, that happens all the time! :)