Monday, June 20, 2016

Neighborhood Walk - 6/20/16

This time my walk started out at the River House.  I don't have any established routes there yet but due to very warm weather I try to start out at early as I can.

The street at one end of our property leads over a draw bridge.  I admit traffic can be a bit  noisy at times as cars rumble across it.  I see people walking or biking across the bridge and thought I'd give it a try.

I climbed the stairs on the permanent part of the bridge. This seems to be where it joins for the part that lifts.  That is our property on the left.  The bridge is much higher than I expected.  Of course the river is on the low side this time of year.

The walkway of the bridge is made up of wooden slats.

Here's another view of the walkway and bridge.  You can see down to the water between the slats on the walkway.  I did not find that at all reassuring.  In fact, I didn't continue over the bridge.

Years ago apparently quite a bit of river traffic passed this way but that is no longer the case.  I understand from people in the area that the bridge is only opened a couple of times a year these days.  Just enough to assure it works.  I want to find out when it is scheduled to open, I want to see that.

Meanwhile I'm going to find another route to walk.  


  1. The view from the bridge is lovely, you live in a beautiful place. But I know what you mean with not being reassured when you can see through the slats, I don't like that either. Have fun on your walks, hugs, Valerie

  2. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful area on the walks.

  3. Oh yes! the view from the bridge is gorgeous!

  4. I've been out of town and see I've missed a lot while I've been gone. I'd _love_ to walk that pedestrian bridge with you! It looks like you have found the perfectly situated house.

  5. I am not sure I understand the draw bridge part of the bridge, but the wooden slats scare me and I'm not even there! I am glad you didn't cross it, because I would have been scared just seeing the photos. Have I mentioned I hate heights?

    You certainly bought a lovely piece of property, and it looks more like autumn than summer. I'd be glad to give you some of my water, if you like (grin).

  6. Beautiful!! I would have continued.....I got over that fear walking on the piers at the beach.....LOL!

    I LOVE the area of your river house, can't wait to see more. I'll try to drop back by more often....having the GDs 4 days a week has been keeping me super I haven't been posting to my blog :(

  7. Your surroundings are beautiful at the River House Darla, but the river does look strong and full, so I'd be a bit unnerved by looking through the gaps too. I am sure you will find lots of nice places to go walking, and one day I hope you get some pics of the bridge opening.

  8. I would love to walk over that bridge, even though I'd be a little scared to do so. It all looked so peaceful and pretty. Don't you know, you're not supposed to look down? :-) I would feel like I really conquered my fear, by walking that bridge and could get some wonderful photos from the center of the bridge too.

    You live in a really lovely area. Keep sharing pictures, it's like going on mini vacations while sitting in my chair.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  9. I'm afraid of heights, so I'd have a hard time seeing through the slats on a bridge that isn't even open most of the time. But it is very pretty there. :)