Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 6/28/16

Good morning, the coffee is on and the Tea Gang is waiting over at Elizabeth's blog.  This morning I have a puzzle for you to work out while you sip your beverage of choice.  You can see mine.  I am trying something other than French Roast this morning.

While poking around in a thrift shop I came across this interesting cabinet.  

I placed it next to a door in the photo so you could get an idea of the size.  Not really very useful sitting on the floor.  

Look carefully at the center and you will see one little knob is missing,  I accepted that.  Notice also that the shelf and top are scored to display something like a dish standing up.  The problem was neither the staff at the shop or I could get the cabinet open.  It looks like 2 doors on the bottom section but on close inspection there was no center opening for the doors, they appeared to be fake.  We jiggled it, we felt under and around it.  Couldn't find a lock.  Finally I used a credit card to run through what I could see was an opening at the top of the "doors".  I was trying to find a lock mechanism and discovered

if you lift the 2nd peg from the right (the only movable peg) 

the front section drops down.  (See that locking peg?)

To add to the mystery on the inside on the right is a rather large iron ring.

On the back there is a metal piece to hang it by.  At least that's what it looks like but the whole piece is so heavy it would be dicey to try to hang it in my opinion.

So why did I spend about $20 on it?  I simply had to take it home with me because it was such a curiosity.  So what is it? I don't have a clue and no one where I bought it had any idea either.  Anyone want to take a guess?


  1. Well this is really fascinating, a mystery for Sherlock Holmes. What fun, I would have bought it, too! Enjoy your coffee, Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Ooh hubby and I would have bought it too-and only $20? Wow what a great bargain!! I'm thinking it is a cabinet to hold dishes and cups and the reason for the lock is because the silver was stored in that part. I'll have to revisit and get hubby to look at it. Happy T day!

  3. It's definitely a mystery. I have absolutely no idea what it had been used for, but it looks like jars or other round objects were stored inside at one time. Since you are in CA, it would be great for your earthquake prone area. Securing it to the back, even if it was supposed to be left on the floor would have been a wise idea for those who have been through earthquakes. I certainly hope that you learn its true purpose and let us know.

    Thanks for sharing this mystery and your Peet's coffee with us for T this Tuesday. I'll have french roast any day, the only kind I drink, but we don't get Peet's in KS.

  4. OK, shared the pics and hubby (who is a woodcrafter) thinks this was something made by someone (not real long ago) as a personal piece for their home. It's just another guess after he looked at the photos after clicking for larger views. He also agrees with my guess. You MUST let me know if you find out for sure!

  5. Could it have been a piece of furniture for a boat? The peg would keep the door from flying open as the boat pitched and tossed. This IS a mystery, indeed. Love the piece, Darla.

  6. Could this have had a base originally, perhaps some drawers. Maybe the drop down piece was used as an extra work surface in the Kitchen.
    I have a small dresser and it comes in two pieces, drawers and cupboard for the base, with a narrow open shelf unit attached to the wall and resting on the base.
    Anyway you sure got a bargain.
    Enjoy your coffee.
    Happy Tea day

  7. I think its a great piece and for $20 certainly worth it. I wonder if maybe it was a child's piece for toys, like a piece of doll furniture? For maybe a big doll? I love the details though and I would have bought it too. Happy T Day. Hugs- Erika

  8. Very clever hidden lock. My daughters dresser has a hidden lock as well. It was my grandma's dresser. On the back there is a wooden knob that if you side it over it locks the drawers. Didn't discover that until a few years ago and I grew up with that furniture piece.

  9. What a lovely cabinet! Definitely worth 20 dollars. A bargain I would say! It looks too low to stand on its own so I thing it was meant to go on top of something. The dropping front section might be a table or work surface. What the iron ring is for is anybody's guess. People use to lock away many things (from the servants) like liquor bottles and of course tea was very expensive and came in locked cabinets. It certainly is a beauty!
    Happy T-Day!

  10. A super cabinet for this price !!!
    Happy T-Day Darla!
    oxo Susi

  11. Well Darla that is something... you have us all guessing... I like the thought of it maybe for a boat...hmmm.. maybe a pirate boat to hide all his booty...lol If you ever find out you'll have to let us know for sure... that metal ring on the inside has me stumped... Hubby guesses a desk... At one time it had a bottom cabinet and this sat on top...:) Hugs! deb

  12. Great cabinet and such a mystery! Happy T Day :-)

  13. yes, mysterious... but sure worth the 20$. i love the secret closing. - well, it might not hang by itself, but maybe with a Little wooden Support on the wall (maybe even unseen under the cabinet)...
    enjoy it anyway! happy belated t-day!

  14. What an interesting cabinet Darla. I would have bought it too, and wonder if it was originally mounted on a wall, and the drop down section became extra table or bench space when needed. Secret locks and hidden spaces are always fascinating.

  15. Maybe was a place to keep valuables or keys hidden away. A treasure spot to keep private items or a diary. The mind goes wild! What a great buy for $20! :)

  16. I'm still loving Peet's, which you introduced me to :)

    The piece is so short I wonder if it was intended as part of a hutch cabinet?

    Happy T Thursday ;)

  17. Sorry to be so late to the mystery party Darla to wish you a Happy T Day :-)
    Computer issues about drove me crazy but now I'm back.
    I can see why you had to rescue that unique piece.
    Clever you to discover some of its secrets too.
    Had Mr Magpie take a look but we really have no new guesses other than it looks like a custom piece made to go over an existing lower cabinet perhaps. Very cleverly done.
    Love your blue coffee mug too.