Thursday, June 2, 2016

Second on the Second - 6/2/16

It is the second of the month (already!) and time to join Elizabeth for The Second on the Second.  We have the opportunity to pull something up from our archives and show it again.

This card always amuses me.  I had ripped the words out of a magazine and had them for awhile and then the photo showed up.  They were meant to go together. I think you can click on the photo to enlarge it.  Looks like the gentleman is fixing something on the car and the ladies are helping him by watching.  

Hope you enjoy this glimpse a favorite card I made in the past.


Three Muses Challenge - Automobiles

This is the first time I've entered a Three Muses Challenge. This time the challenge was to create something using an automobile in the theme.

I created this card using an old photo from my box of Mystery People and scraps of text from a magazine.

Challenges are fun and seem to be the push I need to sit down and create sometime. It will be fun to see what other contributors come up with.

Have you challenged yourself lately? Maybe not in art/creativity but in some way?


  1. Lovely and funy card! I often challenge myself to try new stuff, but just now it is challenging to do anything apart from sleeping! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Great card... Box of Mystery that!

  3. I actually remember this one, Darla. It was fun to see it again, and a wonderful addition to Second on the 2nd. Thanks for joining us with your mystery people.

  4. This card is classical beautiful! Awesome - I am glad that you showed it again!
    Yes challenges keep us alive - it needs challenges to bring me forward - in art and in life!
    oxo Susi

  5. Love the card!!! I don't remember seeing it before so thanks for sharing it again ♥

  6. Had to smile at this,typical of the situation.My challenge house hunting!!!!!

  7. Had to smile at this,typical of the situation.My challenge house hunting!!!!!

  8. The card made me smile - it's fun! I'm glad you're back in blogland again (haven't been much there either...)

  9. That's a fantastic card. I love using old photos/images like that. :) Erika

  10. That certainly is a great card with the perfect photo and words.
    The ladies helping with their hands on their hips makes me smile too!