Monday, June 13, 2016

Neighborhood Walk - 6/13/16

Another morning, another walk.  I took the route that includes the 4th St. shopping area.  I go very early so it is a good time for window shopping.

I like these a lot, I like the color and everything about them.

You can get them in white if you prefer.

Look at this lovely curbside planting of lavender.  It grows well here.

A little further along the sidewalk there are nasturtiums.  It is a plant that pops up everywhere in the neighborhood.

Does your neighborhood have planting strips between the sidewalk and curb?    They seem to have disappeared in newer developments.


  1. Yes, we in this area of the country call them "tree lawns"
    (Your lavender photo reminds me that I have to move one soon - it's outgrowing the bed it is in!)

  2. My neighborhood was developed in the late 1940s, and this is the first house I've owned where there is no sidewalk. In a way that's good, because if I had one, I'd be responsible for keeping it shoveled in the winter. As it is, I only have to mow my grass in the area owned by the city, which is part of my lawn.

    I can't seem to grow lavender. Mine has died after two years. I was sick.

    Those Mosser items in the shop store remind me that you can get things in thrift stores and paint them that color, if you like the design. Never hurts to check out thrift stores for similar designs.

  3. Pretty flowers. No planting strips in my neighborhood.

  4. What a great tumble of nasturtiums! I love those cheeky flowers. And I love the first picture, a beautiful shade of blue/green and I'd love one of those cake stands.

  5. No planted strips in the outskirts (newer parts) of town here, but there are flowers in the old downtown areas. Mostly planter boxes, though, as I recall. (You know I don't get out much--LOL!) Those are lovely. Those plates remind me of antiques!

  6. They're called "neutral strips" here, and we're not supposed to plant in them (except for grass). People can't resist, though.

    I'm trying to grow lavender and have found a kind that doesn't seem to mind this humid heat. We'll see.