Thursday, January 12, 2017

Neigborhood walk - 1/12/13

We have been getting lots of rain here by the Bay.  I try to time my walks for a break in the showers.  On a couple of occasions didn't get out the door at all.

Fashion?  The window displays are pretty much the same old thing.  Guess we will have to wait a few months to see something brighter.

I did find these red boots.  I'm not sure they would be practical in wet weather but they would brighten up the above outfit.

This display amused me.  The chicken appears to be knit out of some kind of shiny fabric/material.  What is it about chickens?  They always make me smile.

I had to walk around this on my way home.  Yikes!  This is in front of what looks like an office building.  Some poor person is going to come out to quite a surprise.

Hope the weather is decent where you are.


  1. Good morning Darla.
    We are still getting some rain, off and on, and some wind night before last. It must have blown fairly hard as it displaced my umbrella out of it's iron stand...:O Every time I go out to set it right it's raining.....LOL! Maybe today it will get done!
    Have a great day!!

  2. I love the striped top. I am a sucker for stripes. Hope your rain eases up!

  3. I don't wear heels anymore, but I like that cute black and white outfit. We've got rain off-and-on the last few days with a high today of 74F. Feels like Spring!

  4. Well no, the weather is not decent at all. Our county is flooded in so many places with people getting evacuated, fallen trees, closed roads. But it seems that the next few days will be dry and hopefully the water recedes. Even though I'm still happy we got all the rain.
    Those red boots are kind of cute. I'm not sure that I would wear them, even though I like red shoes. No heels, though.
    I hope that 2017 treats you kindly.

  5. I have been worried about you since I have been seeing all the rain and flooding in your area. Glad you are OK and the rain has taken care of the drought.

    Here we are under a "critical blizzard" warning through Monday. I'm starting to really worry that I won't have electricity because they are calling for 1/2" to 1" of ice possible in my area.