Monday, January 9, 2017

January knitting

Just finished this pair of socks for DH.  He loves his hand knit socks.

Meanwhile, I was given a gift certificate for my local LYS.  It will be fun to find a project and start something new.

Anyone knitting/crocheting/sewing?  Tell me about the project you have going.

I like to have knitting pictures on my blog to keep track of what I do. Some of you may have seen these on my FB page, sorry if it is a repeat for you.


  1. I saw the pic on your FB page, but never tire of seeing finished projects. What a nice gift - a certificate to you LYS.

  2. Since I'm not on FB, I'm glad you posted these socks here. They are lovely. You certainly got a great Christmas gift in a gift certificate for you LYS. Lucky you.

    I don't knit or crochet anymore, because my hands go to sleep. I grip too hard, and simply can't do it.

  3. What beautiful socks, and I'm sure a pleasure to wear. I have resumed cross-stitching since finding a half-finished project which had been forgotten. It makes me relax. Also sorting through my patterns to find the best one to make some simple summer pants.

  4. What great socks! You do lovely work and I can see why your husband loves these. I bet they feel great!

    I am crocheting another prayer shawl. I used to knit quite a bit, but something about holding the knitting needles now and working with them makes my hands ache or causes some numbness in certain fingers. Crocheting doesn't do that. I also work on different embroidery projects, with threads, beads, ribbons, etc. I 'love' doing that.

    Happy knitting ~ FlowerLady