Friday, December 2, 2016

Second on the Second - 12/2/16

December second and time to join Elizabeth and the gang as we take a trip on the way-back machine.  The idea is to bring an old post to the top for a second look.  

This time I went to the first year I started blogging to find something for the season.  

Old camera, old photo but a fun memory all the same.  Do click on the photo for a better look as it says in the original post.


Vintage Christmas

This photo is the front of a post card that went through the mail. I can't make out the year but it was mailed January 5th with a 1 cent stamp. I don't know the children in the photo, the card was mailed to a family member in Chicago at the time.

The tree appears to be sitting on a table and I can make out a few of the ornaments. Look at how high those pictures in the background are hung. What is that leaning against the wall on the right?

Remember, you can click the photo to enlarge it.


  1. This could have been our family tree when I was a kid. Love it. Looks like a sled leaned against the wall. Thanks for sharing this look back in time. Sweet memories.

  2. Yep! that could have been one of our trees when I was a kid...*grin*.

  3. My grandparents hung pictures that high on the wall. Very old-fashioned looking to me :)

  4. I fell asleep around 8 am and didn't see your post until I finally woke and realized that today was the 2nd of the month. I hope you will forgive me. I don't seem to be a very good host, do I?

    It was not uncommon to hang photos that high in those days. Ceilings were often 14 ft high. Some people even had railings at the top of their walls (I forget what they are called) where they hung the wires that held the pictures in place.

    Is that a sled in the photo? Looks a bit like it to me, at least.

    Thanks for sharing this Christmas inspired postcard with us for a second look on this 2nd day of December.

  5. Just found this post Darla, and I like that old postcard very much. Yes, it looks like a sled to me too, but I am most fascinated by the beautiful lace curtain. I have a similar one which belonged to my grandmother, but I rarely bring it out as our climate is too harsh to hang it permanently. Funny little Christmas tree looks like the ones we had back in my childhood also.