Thursday, December 8, 2016

*The Mistletoe Murder* - (book)

I just finished this small book and enjoyed it very much.  I'm admittedly a fan of P.D. James but I think the book would make a great holiday gift for any readers on your list.

*The Mistletoe Murder*
P.D. James

The book contains 4 short stories.  I believe the stories are previously unpublished.  In spite of the title, the stories are not really about Christmas but one is set in that season.  2 of the stories feature a young Adam Dalgliesh, a popular figure in James' works.  

I rarely read short stories - I like a good long novel - but I couldn't pass up something by James and I'm happy I came across this small collection.

What are you reading?  Are you giving books as presents?

Edit:  Blogger seems to be changing things.  I cannot access some blogs.  Carol?  Your blog says I don't have permission.  Strange things going on.  Anyone else?


  1. I am a big P.D. James fan, and think this might be a book I would look for at my library. I often like short stories because I have a tendency to read a book until it's finished.

    As for giving books, my friend Sally is the only one I know who reads a lot. Her tastes run to non-fiction, and often books about psychology. She has nine books going right now. She reads a little, gets distracted and picks up another one. She doesn't need any new books, but needs to get rid of some she owns.

  2. I like the Dalgliesh books, but I don't tend to read short stories so haven't seen this one. I'll definitely add this to my list of Christmas books and look for it. I'm not giving books for Christmas this year, but I'm hoping to _get_ some ;)

    I'm not having trouble accessing blogs. Well, so far, anyway....

  3. I just finished Fannie Flagg's "The Whole Town's Talking". I liked it. Clean, easy-to-read, humorous, typical small town life, etc.

    I started to read a "new" Christmas book by a well-known authoress and just gave up. I was unimpressed.