Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 12/20/16

Happy Tea Tuesday.  This morning I'm going to share some holiday cheer I found on my latest walk.

My favorite coffee shop comes out with a holiday blend every year. It is only available for a limited time so I stop at the shop while on my walk.

I spotted this window full of cheerful wrapping at the local paper shop.

Nature provides its own cheerful decorations.  Doesn't this look like an ornament you could hang on a tree?

My entire walk took place under this incredibly blue sky.  It was early morning and a crisp 30F but with bright sun.  

I am sipping a cup of my new blend of coffee and heading over to Elizabeth's blog to join the T Tuesday party.  Come along, it is always fun.


  1. That coffee looks yummy, I'll gladly join you in a cup of it! Happy T Day, and happy holidays, hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh I must look for that blend as Peets is now my favorite coffee:) Those packages are so pretty, as are your photos of your walk. Happy T day!

  3. What a lovely way to celebrate with a special seasonal blend of coffee - I hope you enjoyed it :-). The cheerful wrapped packages in the window would have caught my eye too, they are so merry and bright! That flower would make the perfect Christmas decoration and it looks like you had a great walk in the sunshine :-). Happy T Day and wishing you holiday cheer Darla! J :-) x

  4. Once a year makes their Christmas offering that much sweeter for the anticipation. Love the "natural ornament" - yes, it could hang on our tree any time. Merry Christmas

  5. What a lovely stroll. Thanks for taking us along, Darla. Happy T Day and Happy Holidays! Eileen

  6. I didn't realize Peet's had a holiday blend. I'll have to get to the store while it's still available :)

    Ah, those crisp clear winter days! I love seasons :) Happy T Tuesday

  7. Your coffee sounds delicious, and it good to try new blends/ Lovely photos from your walk.
    Happy Holidays and Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  8. wow, this flower really is like an Ornament!
    wishing you a peaceful time and happy t-day!

  9. I really wish there was a Peet's in Kansas. But I guess they feel our market is saturated enough already. I would love to try it. Having a special blend for a limited time makes it all that much more desirable and a great marketing technique.

    I am in LOVE with those wonderful packages. I used to take pride in having the most beautiful wrapped gifts under ANY tree. Now all I do is use a bag and tissue paper, or sew a bag out of red rosin paper.

    Thanks for sharing your walk and your Peet's Holiday Blend with us for T this Tuesday.

  10. Looks like a perfect day! Merry Christmas! Chrisx

  11. Thanks for the lovely, brisk walk.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2017.


  12. Thanks for reminding me I haven't picked up my Holiday BLend coffee yet. This year has been all out of sorts when it comes to the Holidays :-/ THe window in the paper shop looks lovely... also a reminder that I need wrapping paper..Happy belated "T" Day and Merry Christmas.

  13. I always love the smell of the Christmas coffees, but I don't care to actual drink them--LOL! Whatever that is, it does look like an ornament. Sweet!
    Merry Christmas! :)

  14. How wonderful that you have a Bottle Brush tree/bush blooming!!! They are pretty... I thought they were only bushes but in California i saw them as trees!! But then they have a long growing season in CA.. Happy Belated T day and Merry Christmas! Hugs! deb

  15. It's really nice that they bring out a Christmas blend. Does it differ from the normal blend? Or is it a marketing gimmick?
    Those presents are so beautifully wrapped. I would love them under my tree even if the parcels were empty, they are so beautiful!
    The bottlebrush flower is very spectacular. I have seen a few not long ago.Very festive.
    Sorry for the late comment. I got busy last night.
    Happy belated T-Day and if you celebrate Christmas, I wish you a very happy one,

  16. I love your discoveries on your walk. Wish mine was so exciting. Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and happy belated T day. Hugs-Erika

  17. bright photos on a cheery morning...beautiful! happy belated T day!

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