Monday, December 5, 2016

*The New Home Decorator* - (book)

Subtitled: Creative, quick decorating ideas for the home.  Over 100 stylish and practical projects.

"The New Home Decorator"
Stewart and Sally Walton

Sally Walton is the author of many published books on creative subjects including most recently 
Practical Folk Art, Simple Knitting Projects and Home Sewn Home.  She has been making bags
 under the name CARRY-A-BAG since 2005 and was among the first to promote the idea of 
abandoning of plastic shopping bags in favor of carrying one of your own. CARRY-A-BAG   
Stewart Walton is an artist, illustrator and furniture designer.
He is the co-author of at least 50 books and he and Sally have worked together for 30 years. 
The couple moved to Hastings in 1992 and Stewart is Design Director with the Hastings & Bexhill 
Wood Recycling ProjectSally & Stewart are proud to have featured as Eco Heroes in 
The Telegraph Magazine EcoHeroes in the Telegraph Magazine.

I found this book in a thrift store sale - 4 books for $1.  I 
had not heard of this couple before.  Anyone familiar with
them?  The book has some interesting information but some 
of it seems dated.

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  1. I've never heard of either of these people, but "Carry A Bag" sounds familiar. At least if you only get one or two ideas out of it, you still got your money's worth! Great find in my opinion.