Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Late November Knit

Another pair of socks finished.  These are a Christmas present.  I didn't do a lot of knitting for Christmas this year but these were promised - in a weak moment, LOL!

I have no idea why the photo came out  rather blurry and with a blue shadow.  I had to get them wrapped to be delivered though so I didn't have time to take the picture over.

Here's a close up.  There is a little color variation in the yarn making it interesting I think.  

I want to knit a pair of boot cuffs next.  I've checked a few patterns on Ravelry.  The cuffs are a surprise for someone else and while I have a general idea of the height of the boots I'm not sure.  Guess I will just wing it.  Boot cuffs look easy enough - except for guessing the length.  Anyone own boot cuffs?  Any knitters out there that have made a pair?


  1. Those are gorgeous socks. Love the color.

    I have NO idea what a boot cuff is, so I'm sadly no help, Darla.

  2. Such a beautiful shade of blue, they look sooooo inviting, as my feet feel like two bricks of ice this morning. LOL

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  4. A lovely yarn and a beautiful rich colour. I would love to have socks like these and I am sure the recipient will be delighted!

  5. I love that dense shade of blue, and I can imagine how lovely the socks would be to wear. I have never worn a pair of knitted socks - living in the tropics wearing sandals 10 months of the year!