Friday, March 18, 2016

Shopping the Blues

I've been window shopping.  The first spring things are showing up. I am particularly attracted to the blues.


I like this a lot. I showed it to a group of friends and we discussed options because I already have a couple of shirts in just about this shade of blue.

Here is another shirt I like.  Due to window reflections I couldn't get a photo straight on but you get the idea.  I do not like the macrame type bib necklace at all.

A pile of scarves in the spring colors my friend Judith so appropriately called the sugar almond colors.  Sorry for the window
reflection in this one.

So far I haven't purchased anything but I'm very tempted by these colors.  It seems different color combo's cycle through fashions.  Sometimes it is difficult to find the colors you like if they aren't "in" that year.  It looks like this might be my color season.

How about you?  Like the blues?  Have a hard time finding clothes in your particular favorite colors? 


  1. I do like the blues. The scarf in the first picture is calling my name.

  2. So pretty - and I esp love that necklace (although I rarely wear jewelry these days, I would wear that!)
    Have a lovely weekend, Darla!

  3. I like blues, too, but I tend to buy whatever is on sale when I like a style. Blues seem to be gone by the time mark-downs make them desirable to me ;) I've ended up with quite a lot of purple lol

  4. I love blue. My kitchen has cobalt blue. But I have so many clothes I never wear, that I need to start wearing them. I used to be a fashionista, but now if it fits loose I'll probably be wearing it. I seem to have the "pea in the mattress syndrome," where clothes that touch my skin or fit too tightly, make my body hurt. Those blues are pretty, though.

  5. Those scarves are delicious lol! Maybe one will find its way into your Spring wardrobe.
    Happy first day of Spring.

  6. Blue is one of my favorite colors but you wouldn't know it looking at the colors of the clothes I wear!