Monday, March 14, 2016

A Wet Monday

Here by the Bay we have been getting some much needed rain. Drenching downpours at times.  

I managed to rescue some Calla Lilies from the garden.  The heavy rains were making most of them flop over.

Some parts of the U.S. are flooding, other parts are still struggling to catch up to normal rainfall.  We are in the struggle but already ahead of last year.

Precipitation Data for Select Bay Area Cities

Precipitation data for the last 24 hours will appear daily beginning at 1:00pm.
  • City
  • July 1st to   Date
  • Percent of Norm
  • July 1st to date last year
  • Percent of Norm
  • July 1st to date norm
  • Total Season Norm
  • Berkeley
  • 16.53
  • 72
  • 12.54
  • 55
  • 22.94
  • 27.62

Calla Lilies are quite common in older gardens here.  I like them, I think they have an Art Deco feeling and look rather elegant.

Wishing you a Happy Monday and just the kind of weather you want wherever you are.


  1. Your lilies are pretty. We are about normal in rain fall this year. Last year we ended with about 30 inches over the norm!

  2. This rain has been wild, hasn't it! But we have sunshine today and no rain in the forecast til Friday here. I don't have any flowers on my patio yet, but maybe I should buy some to celebrate the sun. Yours are lovely :)

  3. I agree - they are very Art Deco, and so pretty.
    We have had a lot of rain recently, and thankfully the basement hasn't flooded yet.
    Hope you get enough to stave off your deficit.

  4. Beautiful,here we are having some warm sunny weather,and frosty nights.Such a relief after months of rain!

  5. So lovely to see the Calla lilies, Darla. They are beautiful, and I have not seen them for years and years. Yet, as a child, I knew them well as they were used frequently to decorate our church. Perhaps they went out of vogue in Australia. Yes, they do look Art Deco.

  6. You have calla lilies! I love them. We had them at the house I grew up in and I miss them. I'm glad you have flowers already!

  7. What pretty Calla Lilies. I'm glad that you are getting rain also. It's been raining hard here lately, and we need it so much in Calif. Calla Lilies always remind me of my niece, Lillie.


  8. Calla lilies are only available at the florists over here. Sigh.