Monday, March 7, 2016

Neighborhood Walk - 3/7/16

The neighborhood is changing on my 4th St. route. Lots of building going on and roads being torn up. Signs for locations of new shops are everywhere.  I suppose that signals a good economy but it doesn't make for a pleasant walk. 

Side walk barriers, roads closed, oh my.

I did find a little spot of beauty hiding behind a big 
pile of construction materials

Things definitely improved as I neared home.  I was greeted by this beautiful tree.  It made me feel quite happy to walk under (and on) all those pink petals.

I don't know the name of the tree, do you?

These pictures are from my walk on Friday, it has been raining ever since. I did get out for a bit Sunday during a break and carrying an umbrella


  1. If I am not mistaken, that is a magnolia tree. We have them here in central Ohio too!

  2. How lovely - the tree, not the construction area. Our neighborhood is turning spring-like, too. Daffodils, Indian plum (first thing to bloom in the woods), and the neighbor's plantings from last year and popping through the beauty bark with the promise of a bountiful border this summer. And there's a row of trees - some sort of flowering tree - half light pink, the other half dark pink blooming on both sides of the road just past the bank. Just breathtakingly lovely. Thanks for our Tuesday walk, Darla.

  3. I love seeing signs of new businesses :)

    It could well be a magnolia, as April suggests. I always think of magnolias as white, but there are pink ones. This one is very enthusiastic! Lovely blooms :)

  4. It's raining here too, not hard, but a constant light rain...the kind that really soaks the ground. Making it quite chilly here this morning.

    The orchards are about done with their blossoms and are turning green with their leaves. There are still quite a few of the flowering variety of trees in full bloom.

    Have a great week.

  5. I was surprised by the change in the landscape of 4th street, since I follow all your walks. I did like the beautiful flowers and how the trees are budding.

    I don't think that's a magnolia, but it could be, because my monitor gives off wonky colors. However, I think there's more green and less pink in a magnolia tree. My guess is it's a dogwood. But again, it's just a guess because I can't really tell what the flowers look like.

    It was good to see you walking, though. It's been beautiful here and dry as dry can be. We are in a worse drought than you at the moment with less than .05" rain since the new year. I was shocked when I saw how little rain we've gotten. High winds and dry conditions make for a very volatile fire situation, something I know you don't want to think about.

  6. Oh how pretty!
    Looking forward to our spring - will be awhile yet, though.
    Happy week, Darla!

  7. Love the flowers on the tree.I really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your pictures. I followed your blog also.

  8. What a gorgeous pink tree Darla. It looks like a tree we have here called bauhinia. Happy Springtime!

  9. A sign of the end of recession in US, as new shops are raising up! This just might mean that we are one day following your country.
    The depressing thing about building, roads being fixed, is that over here in Scandinavia, the work has to be done in the short summer time. So every summer - packaged houses on the best, nicest streets. Not great for tourists either ( :

  10. What beautiful flowers! How wonderful to have spring already!

  11. What a beautiful tree this is. I've been seeing the pink and white flowering trees around my town now that spring has arrived. I just call them the "pink blossom trees" hahaha. What a nice walk you had around the neighborhood.