Monday, March 21, 2016

Neighborhood Walk 3/21/16

We are having spring weather, rain one day and sun the next.  I try to time my walks between sprinkles but I carry an umbrella just in case.  

There are always interesting window displays.  Even though this one doesn't have the usual spring colors I still feel it evokes the season.

Here's a close up of the shell.  If you look closely there is a bit of my favorite spring blue in the necklace they displayed.

Later on my walk, I spotted this planter of succulents.  The shape of the blue grey plant reminded me of the shell above.  Do you see the similarity?

How is your week starting out?  Rain or shine?


  1. We're having a cold spell here and even had snow flurries yesterday! Brrrrr! That's such a pretty mixture of plants. I like the variety.

  2. Cold and frosty, but it supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow and going forward. A lot of early flowers up, the trees are getting leafs buds, and the forsythia is blooming.

  3. It's been cold and windy here as spring arrived blustery. Glad your walk was so productive. I really love the succulents and I vaguely see the color resemblance.

  4. Very nice window display, and yes, both shell and succulent have 'fingers' :) The shell makes a pretty display place for the cute necklace. We started with sun, but just had a little storm, cooling it down for the evening.

  5. We're having a typical north Idaho spell of "Just wait, the weather will change in 5 minutes", so it's sunny one minute and pouring rain the next. They are even threatening us with snow!

    Love those succulents and the shell. They do indeed have a common theme!