Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 11/29/16

Good Morning.  Are you ready for a cup of coffee this morning or is tea more to your liking?  Bring your drink of choice and join us at Elizabeth's blog.  We party there every Tuesday.

my old metal coffee pot

I'm drinking coffee this morning.  I don't use this old percolator type coffee pot for coffee but I like the way it looks.  I like the color and the shape.  

Do you remember hearing the noise a percolator makes as it brews coffee?  I do, although I'm pretty sure it was an electric percolator my family used.

Various ways of making coffee have been used over the years. Pour over coffee seems to be the most popular these days.

Here is a method from 1870.

How to Make Good Coffee.  Mix an egg thoroughly 

with two heaping tablespoonfuls of coffee, put into the coffee pot 

and pour on it two cups of freshly-boiling water, boil five minutes, 

stir well with a fork, set on the back of the stove to keep hot five 

minutes, add half a cup of cold water, pour out a little coffee and 

pour it back again to clean the grounds from the spout, then let it

stand ten minutes, and be careful not to shake the pot when serving.

There is a decided necessity for protest against the fashion of

grinding coffee that is persisted in by some grocers. They grind it

so coarse that the consumer must use a double quantity to get any

flavor from it. Housekeepers should understand that it takes much

more coffee for a good cup when ground coarse than when it is in

small particles. It should never be coarser than granulated sugar,

if the best flavor is desired.


I think I'll stick with my Melitta coffee pot.  If you drink coffee, 

how do you prepare it?


  1. mix an egg???Yuck!!! I'll stick to plain coffee thank you. I do remember those percolators. My family's was electric and I used to love watching and hearing it. Happy T day!

  2. My first mother-in-law made coffee so thick you could almost stand a spoon up in it. She always put egg shells in the pot to "settle the grounds". It was foul stuff. We have one of those percolator/enamelware pots that we use when our power is out. It's quite large, but makes enough so that neighbors can have a cuppa when they stop by.

  3. I love the coffee pot. I'd love it if it was in my kitchen, too. Not to use, of course, but to admire. My grandmother had a glass percolator that was NOT electric. The stem was glass, and the basket that set inside was metal. I used to watch as the coffee raised up through the top and fell back to the grounds in the basket. Fond memories of my grandparents.

    I've only had an automatic coffee maker. I'm low maintenance and don't much care for things that are hard to clean like a French Press. And I can't seem to get into the pour over, although I tried it once and didn't much care for the coffee. I always grind my own coffee, so I know how long it takes to make the perfect grind (without the egg, I might add).

    Thanks for sharing this coffee lesson and beautiful pot with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. I still have Mother's old electric percolator, and it still works :) I like perked coffee, but usually I just use the drip maker that stays out on the countertop. Happy T Tuesday :)

  5. we have quite an elaborated machine, but actually we are coming back to good old Hand brewing. simple tastes best.
    love your metal pot!
    happy t-day, darla!

  6. We have a drip coffee pot and an espresso machine, so I use both depending on the mood and time of day.

  7. An egg in coffee just doesn't sound quite right...I wonder why they put it in? your green coffee pot is charming...gotta love some vintage cook ware! Happy T/coffee day!

  8. An egg in the coffee? Help! I'll stick to my coffee machine!
    Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  9. The method sounds very complicated and time consuming. Love your coffee pot

    Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  10. Interesting old coffee recipe. Never heard of adding an egg but I do remember my grandmother adding salt. And I remember the noise and it is very heart warming to me as my parents drank lots and lots of coffee. But not me. I prefer tea. Happy T day. Thanks for the memories. Hugs-Erika

  11. Wow, such an interesting way to make coffee, I wonder what it would taste like ;-). I like the colour and shape of your old metal coffee post too. I remember the noise the coffee percolator made at my father-in-laws, he always drank coffee and had to buy a new percolator each year as they use to wear out :-). It brings back such fond memories, thank you! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  12. A super post to read, although I think I would give that recipe a miss. Putting an egg in it sounds a bit over the top to me. Thank goodness we have access to the variety of coffees that are on the market today.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  13. Oooh! Not with egg thank you! Love the pot! We recently had freshly ground coffee and are thinking of buying a new pot! We have one of those pod coffeemakers at the caravan but only like a certain brand! Hugs, Chrisx

  14. Oooh! Not with egg thank you! Love the pot! We recently had freshly ground coffee and are thinking of buying a new pot! We have one of those pod coffeemakers at the caravan but only like a certain brand! Hugs, Chrisx

  15. I have never heard of coffee with egg! I'm trying to imagine what that would taste like... I don't think I fancy that. When I was young my mother made coffee with a Milita filter (the paper filter and pour hot water on it every minute or so). Then when I lived in Italy I had one of those alluminium espresso coffee makers. In fact i had several (different sizes).
    Until last month we were still using espresso coffee makers, but then my hubby got a 'grind and brew' supa-dupa' coffee machine, so that is what we use now. In Holland many people use a Senseo machine which uses coffee pads. I have one in my craft room. I have run out of pads, so I will have to wait until January when I go to Holland and buy some fancy pads. (I like the fancy tasting ones like hazelnut and vanilla).
    Here in Spain coffee pods have taken off big time. I don't understand why. (is it about George Clooney?) They are ridiculously expensive. Besides I try not to buy products from that particular multinational.
    Happy T-Day

  16. Add an egg?? Seriously? Fascinating! But i think i'll pass..lol Happy happy Belated Tday! Hugs! deb

  17. We had relatives who lived on a farm in Minnesota who made coffee in a huge metal coffee pot--those kind that were blue and white speckled. She put eggs and egg shells in it (and who knows what else). She'd always pour a little at a time out from her cup and drank it with two hands from her saucer. I was just a kid but I know my folks had trouble drinking it...but, of course, they did to be polite.

    I learned how to make coffee in one of those clear glass pots that you boiled on the stove. Then I had an electric Corningware one with the blue flowers for many, many years. Then went to Mr. Coffee and Gavalia coffee machines. But when my last Gevalia machne died I went to a Bodum pour-over coffee maker and a Melitta white porcelain single cupper and have never looked back. Best coffee ever! How times have changed.