Monday, November 21, 2016

November Knitting

I finally made some progress on my knitting projects.  This pattern was more lace than I've ever tackled before.

Here is my scarf in progress.  I may have posted this photo before but it shows the true colors of the yarn better than the photo's of the finished project.

A very long scarf.  Had to lay it on the bed to get a picture.

Here is a  closer look at the lace detail.

This one is for me.  I do most of my knitting as gifts for others.  I bought this particular yarn while staying with a friend in Tahoe though and the scarf makes a nice memory.

Anyone else knitting this winter?  Do you knit for yourself or mostly for gift giving?


  1. Good morning, Darla!
    I haven't done much knitting yet; looking at my UFOs and seeing if I want to finish them or just start something new.
    That's a gorgeous scarf!

  2. That turned out beautiful! I am not much of a knitter.

  3. Lovely scarf, Darla. Love the colors spread across it in a rainbow. Yes, I'm knitting, too. Finished a pair of purple socks for my DIL's Mom who'll be with us at Christman. Am now working on a scarf (simple k1, p1 ribbing) using the two skeins of lace-weight alpaca that DIL and son gave me for Christmas last year. Not a fan of lace knitting - appreciate its beauty, but don't have the patience - so am double stranding this scarf which makes it more a fingering weight. Thank you for sharing your project with us.

  4. Gosh, Darla, you gave yourself a spectacular gift. It is fantastic. I haven't knitted in years, nor crocheted either. You can be proud of your efforts because this is spectacular.

  5. That scarf is so beautiful Darla, and I am glad you are doing it for yourself. The colour is exquisite and so is the lacy pattern. I don't knit - tried it over 50 years ago, did a couple of sweaters, and lost interest :)

  6. That scarf is magnificent! Love the colors, pattern, and how the stripes turned out!

    I don't knit, but I swear no matter what needlework/craft one does, it always ends up being more for other people than for oneself!

  7. This scarf turned out so beautifully!!! The colors are lovely and I like the pattern. I would be interested in which yarn you used?
    I mostly knit for others, but sometimes I knit for myself, like the "Secret Garden" shawl I finished a couple months ago.