Monday, November 28, 2016

Neighborhood Walk - 11/28/16

We had some rain recently but when I went walking yesterday morning the sky was a bright blue.  My eye was also drawn to blue in other places along the way.

There was a beautiful blue pot outside the gate to one house I passed.  I like the planting as well.

Here you can see a bit of the blue sky and a pretty blue tiled wall.  I often take a break, sit on a bench and look this direction.

Earlier in the week (note the grey sky) I spotted a house trimmed in blue.  Someone even parked a blue car in front of it.

Hope you are having blue skies today.


  1. Our skies are grey today, but that is ok. We are in desparate need of rain here and we are suppose to have rain the next two days.

  2. I love blue tiles. And yes, we do have blue skies today! thank you!

  3. No blue skies here as we wait for the predicted thunder storms. We're in a drought, though, so we do need the rain. Your blues are lovely! I like the pot (many of my pots are blue), and I love that blue-tiled wall.

  4. I am SO mad at blogger. Not only have they changed things around, I didn't get an update on your blog until just a few minutes ago. Nearly a day later than you posted it. That makes ME blue.

    But we had great skies today after the storms of yesterday. Love some of the blue you shared, especially that tiled wall.