Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 11/17/15

There is a large complex of Asian markets near us.  A whole variety of shops and restaurants and a good sized grocery market.  We go shopping there every once in awhile.  It is a delight to wander through the market.

I like the graphics even if I can't always figure out what is in the package.

One section is devoted to a fish market.  Can you make out the live fish in the tanks in this picture?

The deli section has all sorts of interesting things.  

DH likes the roasted duck.  He bought half a duck to take home for dinner.

I like the pork buns so that was my choice for dinner.

The market is the only place I can find our favorite jasmine green tea.
The tea is my drink for today.

If you want to decorate the dinner table you could take home a plant.  How about a Lucky Bamboo from the bottom shelf?

Be sure to stop by the Altered Book Lover blog and see what the other tea party folks have been doing this week.

The horrendous bombings in Paris have disturbed the world, my heart goes out to the people involved and my concern for the future is great.


  1. That market looks good, and the thought of duck or pork balls has made me hungry. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Always fun to go through an ethnic market-even if you don't always know what you're looking at! Not familiar with pork balls but ten I rarely eat meat anyway. I have one bamboo plant but would LOVE to have one or two more like the ones on that lower shelf-they're one plant I can't kill-:):) Happy T day!

  3. I'm simply amazed at your Asian market. It is SO reminiscent of the one I shop at. They even stack the food the same way. There is one exception. I don't like the smell of our fish section, which also has live fish, but certainly not anything as large as yours. We also have no cooked meat section, so the roasted duck is something I have never seen in the market I go to. I DO know how expensive it is if ordered in an Asian restaurant, though. But since I don't like duck (too greasy and too much dark meat), I'll pass.

    I've never tried growing one of those bamboo plants, so I might get a couple for Christmas this year. It sounds like a plan!

    I love Jasmine tea, but I am constantly looking for Jasmine FLOWER tea, which I can't seem to find in Kansas. Just plain old Jasmine, which is delicious, but doesn't have the distinct taste when the flowers are left in the bag or with the leaves.

    Thanks for taking us to the Asian market and sharing your Jasmine tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. What a treat to be so close to this Asian market! Although Toronto has several Chinatowns, the markets north of the city are much smaller.

  5. Oooo, that Asian market! I love ethnic groceries, and this one looks extensive. I'm afraid I'd be buying a plant every time I went. Happy T Tuesday :)

  6. What a wonderful place to wonder through and the food sounds amazing.
    Happy T-day

  7. I love Asian markets..we have an international market several miles away which has lots of Turkish delights

  8. We have lots of Asian markets here in San Francisco and I love them. Fun to see another -- where is yours? I love the duck and the steamed buns.

  9. What a fabulous market! Happy T-Day!

  10. I wish everyone had your curious, positive attitude to other cultures. Happy T-Day!

  11. These shops are fun, Darla. I love the look of your port buns - Yum. We have a new Japanese shop nearby, with all sorts of cheap homewares, everything for $2.80. So much fun, especially with the foreign labels.

  12. Anytime we're in Spokane we make sure to stop by the Oriental market. We load up on tea- especially the jasmine tea (different brand from what you get), hot sauces, coconut milk, and sesame oil. Even when the item is something we can get in town we get it there; it's cheaper and supports a family business.

  13. Wow! Sure wish we had an Asian market like that here. We have some great Mexican Markets but that's about it.

  14. Wow! The food looks great! Paris is my favourite place to visit and my heart aches for the people of Paris! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx

  15. What a gorgeous Asian market!Love everything there!You would love our markets too!Lots of things to see and the fruit section is wonderful!Happy T day:)!