Monday, November 9, 2015

Neighborhood Walk - 11/9/15

While on my usual morning walk through the 4th St. area I spotted signs of Christmas/Holiday decorating.

Not many of the stores had their windows done in the theme yet.  The staff at Anthropologie was busy with their front window.  It is always fun to see what they do.  Meanwhile here's a bit of their interior that was finished.


Across the street there was a crane being used to hoist people up in to the tree branches.  They hang fairly large lighted globes in the trees.  They have used the same theme/decorations for several years.  

Street lamps are wound with small lights.  The holiday decorations are enough to be festive but not over the top.

Have holiday decorations appeared where you live?


  1. I guess Christmas is getting quite close now. Yesterday I saw evidence of lights and decorations going up too.

  2. Decorations are starting to go up in the stores but not outside on the streets. I see some houses already decorating for Christmas and one area radio stations has already switched to non-stop Christmas music. Really.

  3. Gosh, Darla, your walk turned up some awesome photos today. At first, I thought those were HUGE birds in the trees. I know. I need new glasses.

    Where I shop, they just got rid of their Halloween decorations. Yep, the only places I've been are two grocery stores and an Ace Hardware. I simply haven't been anywhere outside my neighborhood in weeks.

  4. We were talking about this the other day. By the time Advent comes we'll either be sick of the decorations or we won't notice them any more.

  5. The stores here are already full of Christmas merchandise, but I haven't seen any houses or the town decorated yet. Usually it happens closer to Thanksgiving.

  6. In the dark countryside, one house has up it´s xmas lights. Too early in my opinion.
    Helsinki and it´s neighboring cities have some decorations and the opening of the xmas season will be in a week or two.
    As known, I am anti- xmas and like the - less is more!