Monday, November 23, 2015

One more hat

Another hat finished and added to the holiday gift pile.  

I used the same pattern I used last time.  You can see the earlier hat I made with a different yarn here.  I added an extra set of rows on this one to make the hat longer to be sure it could be worn to cover the ears.

When I choose a project I like it to have some feature I haven't done before so even though this was a pattern I had used, this time was my first time using two strands of yarn at the same time.  I used a dark gray strand of sock yarn and some multicolored sock yarn.  Both yarns were leftovers from socks I knitted earlier.  A win, win.  Learned something new and used up left over yarn.

I'm running out of knitting time before the holidays but there is one more project on the needles.


  1. I love to see your knitting on your blog. One of those life skills I never ever learned, so I enjoy it vicariously through the rest of you!

  2. Using two strands of yarn made a one-of-a-kind had that I think is very attractive! I really like the colours. Oh, and using up leftovers is ALWAYS a good thing!

  3. Hello Darla! What a cool warm hat. The recipient is one lucky person!

  4. Very pretty Darla, and snuggly warm. My favourite colours of bright pinks and blues!