Monday, October 17, 2016

neighborhood walk - 10/17/16

We had our first rain in awhile this past weekend.  Not the storm that the news was predicting but at least some rain in our drought ridden area.

The sky was overcast when I  was on my early morning walk so I was looking for some color.

The window at Crate and Barrel was pretty colorful but hard to get everything in one shot.  I do like the chair.

This window really satisfied my desire to find color.  I might have to paint a chair orange.

This window isn't nearly as colorful as the others.  The store is kind of a jumble of things.  I was particularly interested in that wooden settee - the piece sort of above and to the left of the white couch.

I'm still adding things to the River House, especially things that are colorful.  I am not buying any of the above but looking for inspiration.

Do you seek color on a rainy day?


  1. I love seeing your window shots on your walks! Usually when it rains I curl up with a book and read.

  2. I enjoyed following you "window shopping" today. I like the abstract on the lower left in the first photo. Not as colorful as you would like, but it has great movement and composition.

    I read somewhere that CA has sunshine over 330 days a year. I would give anything for that in MY life. But I also like the changing seasons, so that more than makes up for all the sun. I suspect if it were cloudy nearly every day (think Seattle), you would seek even MORE color!

  3. Love the orange chair. That just made me smile.

    I enjoy walking on rainy days. Colors ar especially bright right after the rain, when the sun breaks through again.

  4. I think you just might need an orange chair. ;)

  5. Oh, I love that wooden settee! I can imagine it lined with pillows, and being curled up in it with a book & tea!

    I don't *look* for color on rainy days, but I admire it when I come across it by accident. The yellow and orange tree leaves are so stunning against the grey sky right now!

  6. I do like the orange chair. I can see that in my house :) I seek out chairs that have high backs to lean against, and so I've ended up with a Boston rocker and a wing-back chair.