Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall at the River

We were at the River House for a few days.  It is fun to see the seasons change there especially since this is our first year in the house.  Everything is new to us.

We took our morning coffee up to the top of the levee.  This was the view of the river.  What river?  Well, you will just have to trust me, it is down the bank there.

The willow trees have been trimmed and the bank cleaned in anticipation of some winter weather.  I suspect it can get quite windy in the area and we didn't want branches coming down.

We also recently had railings added to the levee stairs.  Necessary for safe walking.  There are solar lights at the top of each post.  The fence you see in the distance is new as well.  Making small changes that make the place our own.

We're back by the Bay for awhile.  Even though we were only gone a few days there always seems something to catch up on.  

Hope you are enjoying a great Monday wherever you are.


  1. Willow trees in the fog. That looks like an appropriate October view :)

  2. Is that fog or smog? If it's fog, it's beautiful. I'm sure it burned off soon after your second cup of coffee!

    Nice to see the additions you have made, and I like the idea of those lights on the railings.

  3. It looks like a real Misty Morn, Darla, and very pretty. I like the new fences, lovely wood, and as you say, making the place your own.