Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 7/26/16

Here it is the last Tea Tuesday in July.  Elizabeth is hosting our tea party at her blog this morning. Get you favorite drink (it doesn't have to be tea) and join us. 

I was able to slip away for a few days by myself at the River House.

I tried some Ginger Tea and used a green mug from my ever growing collection of colorful thrifted china.

This is something I bought at an Asian market some time ago.  I put it on a shelf and forgot about it.  Not much is written on the packet in a language I can read so it was an adventure of sorts.  It appeared to be granules of ginger and sugar and you stirred it into a cup of hot water.  That much of the directions I could make out.   I do wonder why it is called "Tea" when there is no tea in it.  While it was on the sweet side the ginger was clearly present.  I like ginger so that was fine with me.  

There is an old cemetery at the edge of town I've been wanting to visit so this time I did.  A sign says it was established in 1836 and you can see it has a very "country" feeling.

There were a number of large family plots, edged with a sidewalk and containing one large memorial and a number of flat headstones.  

While the grass is very brown, the grounds were well kept and clean.  I saw a crew working in a distant section.  I found out that the crew was made up of people who had been ordered to do community service by the court for one reason or another.  Seems like a good community service to me.

Do you like to visit old cemeteries?  Some people find it odd but I find them interesting.


  1. I immediately thought of using that wonderful tea packet in collage:) I LOVE visiting cemeteries-the older the better, especially in Europe! Wishing you a great day and happy T day too!

  2. Your tea looks good, I love ginger. I often visit old cemeteries, and find them really interesting. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. I would be recycling that packet as well. Super photos and the community service folk have kept it looking well cared for.
    Happy T Day

  4. i totally can relate to your fascination of cemeteries... i´m often on the look out for them when visiting foreign cities. especially the old Stones often tell stories...
    and i also like the wrapping of the tea packet - good for some artjournaling etc.
    happy t-day!

  5. You are adventurous Darla. We tried some similar Korean "tea" mix and gosh it was really sweet.
    Mr M and I have a thing for cemeteries.
    It is always peaceful there LOL and the stone work can be so interesting. We spent hours and hours in the Paris cemetery we visited earlier this year.
    Happy T Day oxo
    p.s. and yes keeping busy and out of trouble is great community service!

  6. Old cemeteries are a great visit. It's quiet and some of the older stones are so beautiful. I love ginger tea :) Happy T Day and so glad you got some you time.

  7. Darla i may or may not have mentioned before that i grew up playing around a grave yard.. very old with huge statues and mausoleums . And gorgeous headstones not the flat plaques that are so common today.. I loved walking around and reading the headstones...some of the older ones told quite a bit about someone's life... I find the cemetery's very quiet and relaxing...peaceful place to be in a very turbulent childhood.... Happy happy tday... Hugs! deb

  8. I think they use the word "tea" to mean any drink made after the manner of actual tea lol

    I do like cemeteries. There's so much interesting history in them.

    Happy T Tuesday :)

  9. Visiting an OLD cemetery is almost like reading a history book, but I often wonder how they died.

    You "tea" sounds interesting, even if there is no tea in it. I'm such a boring old black coffee drinker! :)
    LOVE your cup and the collection your making from the thrift store.....an idea I might have to borrow.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment. It feels good to be back for T-day and I am looking forward to posting regularly once the GDs are back in school.

    Happy T-day

  10. Not sure I've mentioned this, but as an undergrad I did an independent study class where I wrote about cemeteries from various perspectives and included my own pictures as part of the nearly 300 page essay I wrote. Cemeteries are like cities. They radiate outward and the headstones change with time. Today they are mostly flat and uninteresting because it's easier to maintain and because we are so enamored with living and want to push dying in the background. In Victorian times, families had picnics at the graves of their loved ones on Sunday. Yep, I'm totally into cemeteries!

    Thanks for sharing your faux tea with us for T this Tuesday, as well as your trip to this old cemetery.

  11. Sorry but I won't help you drink your tea but I will come with you to a cemetery ! I too find them fascinating! Hugs, Chrisx

  12. Yes, I like cemeteries too. In Italy they have photos on the graves, so fascinating.
    Your ginger tea looks interesting too. I think ginger is one of those things that you either love or loathe. I'm afraid I don't like ginger. Even when I was having chemo and felt as sick as a dog, I could not drink the stuff. (They say it's good for the nausea).
    Thanks for visiting,
    Happy T-Day,

  13. I used to drink that same ginger tea.. loved it but the sugar load was too much for me. :(

    I love old cemeteries. They are almost always very peaceful. I like looking at the old headstones and statues; the flat, in-ground things I find boring looking. I know it's for ease of maintenance, but there is just no individuality to them.

  14. I actually love old cemeteries. They are so peaceful to me and it is interesting to see who is buried there and when.
    Ginger and sugar doesn't really sound like tea, but just a ginger drink. Enjoy! :)

  15. Ginger tea sounds lovely! Wishing you a Happy belated T Day! J :-)

  16. Both my husband and I are regular old cemetery explorers. We have been known to pull off the road and explore a tempting one when we are traveling!