Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Neighborhood Walk - 7/27/16

I have been out walking quite early lately.  I like the early morning light not to mention the cooler weather.  

By now you know I'm not a gardener so I can't identify this plant but it was a riot of color.

Speaking of morning light.  I didn't know I captured these rays when I took the picture.  This planter box was right at the sidewalk's edge.  City gardeners use every available space.  It was all so fresh and beautiful looking that I was tempted to take a leaf to nibble on.  I didn't, I took a picture instead.

Further down the block I spotted this fellow.  I was sure glad I hadn't snitched that earlier leaf, he looks like a guilty conscience to me.

What's going on in your neighborhood?


  1. Love your early morning walks. Our neighborhood...bird song, sunshine on the trees giving them a dappled look, blue sky. Am going to be working on making some cards and organizing that is long overdue. Have a lovely day. Enjoy seeing your observations - a guilty conscience, for sure. LOL

  2. You are correct about using every bit of possible space for gardening. I envy those who have acres and acres of land in which to experiment and grow both food and flowers. So seeing how others do it in the city brought a big smile to my face. Your pictures of the early morning walk were superb. That last one was a hoot!

    People are staying inside in my neighborhood because of the intense heat. We keep getting these extreme heat advisories where even our animals are not safe to be outside.

  3. It's hard to tell about that plant, but it reminds me of my pentas. You did a great job capturing the sun's rays! Is that a mask in front of bamboo? What a wonderful placement.

  4. To me your plant looks like 4 o'clocks. They bloom late in the afternoon and start to close up the next morning. They have a sweet, delicate scent, and give lots of seeds. Easy to grow. I have some myself.

    Have a nice day ~ FlowerLady

  5. I agree with the plant being 4 o'clocks. We had them in the side yard when I was a kid. I cannot seem to get them to germinate for me now!

    It's road work season, so we are listening to engines and back-up horns and the ground is rumbling. They've been working on this stretch for days now and other than the first couple of days I'm honestly not sure what they are doing!

  6. Lovely walk. Best to be out early before the heat.
    I wonder what meaning is behind the scary face--LOL!
    Have a great weekend. :)