Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another Art Tool

Recently I purchased a new to me art tool.  I bought Liquid Frisket from the Dick Blick store near me.  It can also be purchased online and is available in other brands.  

This is what Dick Blick says about frisket.  Blick Liquid Frisket

 is intended for use on watercolor papers, photos, and other 

media where overlying applications of watercolors, gouache, 

or ink are to be made.

Here is a very simple card that I made using Frisket as a mask with some watercolor.  I applied the "hello" with a brush.  I think it could be applied with a pen nib as well.  

I know that rubber cement can be used as a mask with water color and other mediums, I've tried it and find this works much better for me.  This is thinner and the product instructions say you can thin it a bit more with water.  I didn't try that yet.  It also says Frisket needs to be used on a dry surface so if you wanted to add a second color (masking out a bit of the blue for instance) I gather you have to be sure the first layer is completely dry.  I will try that next time.

Have you ever used Frisket?  It is always fun to add a new tool to art supplies.


  1. I've actually never heard of Frisket, so this is new to me. It sounds like both a mask and a resist. Hope you find it useful for your art.

  2. I've not used it, but have been intrigued by it for quite a while. I think that the part about using it on a dry surface is that it would attach itself a little too well to the surface and you wouldn't be able to peel it back off easily.

  3. Yes, I've used it and really like it. You do need a nice dry surface to put it on or you will be pulling up paper. And same with when you pull it up after adding the watercolors over and around it (or whatever medium you choose)--have to wait until it's really dry to remove it or paper will come with it. Damp paper shreds easily. This turned out really cute! :)

  4. How did I miss this!?
    I haven't bought it yet but plan to, and I thank you again for suggesting it on my blog, Darla!