Monday, July 25, 2016

Roses on paper

I have been thinking of painting some roses.  I may eventually try painting roses on a lampshade (see previous post). When I get an idea I often like to try it in my sketchbook first.  

Here's my first attempt in pencil.

I followed that with a similar layout on a card.  I used watercolor card stock and watercolor pencils.

Back to the sketchbook for another version.

Then, because I was thinking roses, I made a couple out of tissue paper.  I was wrapping a gift and didn't have any ribbon or decorations so I put roses on the top of the box.

Do you have roses growing in your garden?  They don't do really well here and I think I need to study some real ones.


  1. Love the tissue paper ones.

    We have one elderly rosebush, the last of my late mother-in-law's roses, at the corner of the garage (an odd location). It dutifully produces a few flowers in the late spring, but spends most of its time looking both leggy and buggy.

    Look for a variation of a wild rose--the 5 petal, open faced rose. Or what we used to call old-fashioned roses, which are very tightly petaled. This nursery has some photos of what I am thinking of:

  2. Love your sketches and paintings. I don't have roses here, but hope to have them at my next house.

  3. I love roses and have a few in my garden.
    I so enjoy seeing your artwork, Darla! xo

  4. Your roses are adorable, Darla. I like how yo improvised with the tissue rose when you needed a gift topper.

    I have roses, and this is the first year in at least 10 since I bought it, that my rosebush has done so well.

  5. I love roses too, and your artwork is lovely. Those tissue paper roses are sweet and what a great way to top a gift.

    I grow quite a few roses here in s.e. FL USA. Scented roses are my favorites.

    Happy creating ~ FlowerLady

  6. Despite being told when I moved here that roses wouldn't grow here, I have had some for many years. It's just that the most popular, the hybrid Teas, mostly won't grow here. Old garden roses, rugosas, and other hardy ones do, though. I'm sure you can find some that'll grow for you there. Love the paper roses!

  7. Lovely to see your sketches again:).Had loads in our old house,still finding different plants so maybe a rose will pop up,later I shall have climbing roses over the front porch.

  8. Pretty sketches. Love the tissue paper roses! What a clever idea for a gift package. :)

  9. I like your rose sketches Darla - they would look really nice framed. The paper ones are a great idea - how lovely to receive those on a gift. I do grow roses, although find it difficult in our climate. They are fussy and particular, and I can grow them facing west, but no other direction!