Friday, August 12, 2016

I won a prize!

I've been visiting Carole at  From My Carolina Home.  A few weeks ago she posted a Christmas in July series with lots of ideas.  The series included a give away each day.  

Guess what!  I won a wool bundle from Primitive Gatherings.
Thanks to Primitive Gatherings for the prize and thank you Carole for hosting the giveaway. 

My Prize bundle and the note that came with it.

I think the pieces are what quilters call fat quarters.  They are certainly beautiful fabrics.  I don't quilt and I'm debating about how to use them.  Carole has a free pattern for a Christmas wool penny rug.  Not a big rug but something that would fit on the table as a centerpiece.  I might give that a try.

Anyone made a penny rug before?  Any other ideas for using these lovely wools?


  1. Congrats and have BIG fun creating! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Congratulations on that pretty stack of wool.
    Back in my "hooker" days (hooked rugs that is LOL) I used to dye my own wool buying skirts at thrift shops and over dyeing them. Wool is perfect for applique using the button hole stitch to stitch. The same goes for penny rugs which are fun to make. Have Fun! oxo

  3. Lucky, lucky you. These colors fit so well with your colorful river house. A table runner would be nice, but you don't machine sew, do you? Mug rugs are great, too, but they require a sewing machine. I hope you find a way to use these lovely wool pieces.

    BTW, a fat quarter is "normally" 18" X 22". I say normally, because some companies deviate, but the overall yardage ends up the same.

  4. Never heard of a penny rug. Sounds like a good thing to make with these. All that red would look good on a Thanksgiving or Christmas table, for sure. Well, any time. :)