Monday, August 29, 2016

Art bits

We've been at the river without internet as some of you might have guessed by lack of posts here.  I did have time to create a bit though.  Funny how that works.

I continued making cards to replenish my supply.    

watercolor on watercolor card stock

Flowers can be all purpose but hopefully cheery

watercolor on watercolor card stock

A bit hard to see the detail on this one.  I will write a sentiment in the center when the time comes to use the card.  I like options.

Then I got out the sketch book.  I frequently like to try a sketch I have in mind in my book before deciding to make a card.

pen and ink in sketchbook

I'm calling this one "LBD" (little black dress).  I think it would make a fun card.  The head/hair is a little out of proportion in this sketch.  That's one of the reasons I like to try ideas out before committing to a card.  

What did you do this past weekend?


  1. I like the head/hair in your LBD sketch. She's making a statement, letting her head make the impression ;)

  2. Oh, so there you are! I was wondering why you hadn't posted. Yes, no internet leaves a lot more crafty time....LOL

    Love all your watercolor cards, but I like the braches of leaves the best.

    Over the weekend we celebrated our GD turning 10, I finished up some cards, and then started painting the wooden letters for our youngest GD. I have painted a set for all the GKs.

    How was the weather at the river house? It has cooled down into the mid to high 90s here.

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  5. Remember so well your figure sketches,great to see you back on form,love B/W☺.
    It was Bank Holiday here in UK,long w/e had lunch with friends on an old steam train!

  6. Your cards are incredible. I like that you are drawing again. As for me, it was all work and no play this past weekend.

  7. What sweet cards Darla - anyone would love to receive one. The black dress is a cute idea, especially for a granddaughter, perhaps?

  8. All work and no play for me, too. :)
    I love your watercolor cards and the sketch, too.