Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 2/9/16

Good Morning.  Spring appeared suddenly here by the Bay.  Yesterday was so balmy we had the doors and windows open until well into the evening.  It was wonderful but of course being California everyone is already worrying that we haven't had enough rain.

But on to our Tuesday Tea get together over at Elizabeth's.

I have a new mug!  Look closely.  Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a Peet's coffee fan.  Not a fan of the unmentionable, LOL!

A friend recently took a trip to London and brought back the mug for me. Now said friend knows fully well my affection for one coffee company and disdain for the other.  It's a joke!

I quite like the mug and have filled it with my favorite coffee this morning.
I'll be sipping and smiling as I go to the Altered Book Lover blog to visit the Tea group.  Won't you join us?


  1. I am not fond of that company either, but I do love the London mug, and I am sure your good coffee will taste great out of it. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. If you keep filling this cool mug with your favorite coffee, maybe the words will magically change. Or maybe somehow they will accidentally rub off. In any case, I just love the colors!

    Have you done anymore knitting or crochet? I'm about done with my herringbone scarf and want to make some fingerless gloves when I find an easy pattern I like.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  3. Gotta love friends with a sense of humour! :)

  4. LOL!! What a great pal you have! x

  5. I've never even HEARD of Peet's until I started seeing it on your blog on Tuesdays. Of course, I have heard of the other, overpriced, highly marketed OTHER coffee. Your Peet's must have tasted even more special in that mug. Love the joke, too. I can only imagine how you both laughed when you opened your "gift."

    Thanks for sharing this with us for T this Tuesday.

  6. yes, what Elizabeth said...;) very fun cup...those double-decker buses just look like they could tip over, but would love to ride one! Enjoy your java!!

  7. Some of those Starbucks city mugs are quite striking, and I like this London one. Happy T Tuesday :)

  8. Fun cup to make you smile!
    We have a Love/Hate relationship with Starbuck's.
    Wish we had other choices near us that were convenient.
    Enjoy your springlike weather and your cuppa too.
    We are having some "conversational snow" as they like to call it. A couple of inches predicted but none sticking on the roads.
    Happy T Day Darla oxo

  9. ah, that's what friends are for-and now you can smile every time you use your new mug! Happy T day!

  10. I do not like Starbucks, Sam I am. Glad we have Caribou coffee around here.
    Happy T day!

  11. It's a great mug. I don't have a strong opinion about Starbucks as we don't have them anywhere near where i live, but at some airports it's the place to get coffee. (And it's very expensive)
    Your friend knows you have a sense of humor!

  12. Love your new mug.So beautiful!My daughter is crazy about Starbucks.I still prefer our coffee.Besides it is very expensive and here you can get coffee everywhere and it is very cheap.happy T day!!

  13. Pretty new mug.....not a fan of Starbucks coffee at all!

    I too, have had doors and windows open, nice to have some fresh air in the house. I'm just glad there is snow on the mountains, may not enough, but better than the past 6 years.

    Belated T-day wishes

  14. Lovely cup! I'm a starbuck fan... ofcourse if i ever had the other coffee i might be a fan of it too.! Happy Belated Tday! Hugs! deb