Friday, February 19, 2016

Knitting Confession

Oh dear, I'm afraid this is me.  I have tried to have no more than two knitting projects going on at one time, one easy and one that takes more concentration.

Then I went to my knitting group and spotted this luscious yarn.  Hand dyed, Madeline Tosh

And before I knew it I was casting on to knit a cowl.

In full disclosure, the other projects are 1) a pair of socks, one leg done and 2) a lace pattern shawl/scarf nearly finished.  I came to a halt when I discovered a mistake in the lace about 4 rows back. Knitters know how much fun it is to un-knit lace.  Sometimes you just have to stuff it back in your project bag and hope somehow the next time you look at it you will have the will to fix it.

Maybe I will take out at least one row of that lace each day before knitting on my new lovely yarn.  Maybe not.


  1. Cute post! The same goes with me when it comes to many types of projects.

  2. I don't think any kind of crafter has EVER said that...LOL
    I have half made card all over the place, two canvases primed and ready to paint, two wine bottles waiting to be decorated ( I was going to say to finish......but I've already "finished" the wine)

    LOVE that new yarn, I adore those colors together....what ever you make is going to be gorgeous!

  3. The new yarn looks very tempting, Darla.

    My daughter's foot is i the photo of the sock I posted today. The pin held the stitches she left for turning the heel. Not sure. She definitely has more than one knitting project going at the same time...but she does finish the ones she has started. BUT she has a huge yarn stash. lol

  4. Ooooo, that's such a pretty color. What a talent it is to be able to knit. My sister knits and crochets too. Keep knitting, my friend. I hear that it is therapeutic as well. :)


  5. Nor any sewist, either - he he. Never let an unfinished project interrupt the flow of a new and interesting creative impulse! :)

  6. At least you are having fun with your knitting. That is the main thing! the cowl is very pretty.