Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year - our extra day in February

Leap Day, on February 29, has been a day of traditions, folklore and superstitions ever since Leap Years were first introduced by Julius Caesar over 2000 years ago.  Leap day balances the calendar.

According to an old Irish legend, St. Brigid struck a deal with St. Patrick to allow women to propose to men, not the other way around, every 4 years.

It is also known by some as Sadie Hawkins Day.  A "tradition" that came from the Li'l Abner cartoon by Al Capp.

Do you remember the cartoon?

On Sadie Hawkins Day the tradition is girls can ask boys for a date.   Back in the day high schools often had dances on this day.  I doubt that's the case anymore.


  1. I remember Sadie Hawkins dances! Happy Leap Day!

  2. Haaha, I do remember that cartoon!
    Happy Leap Year Day, Darla.

  3. Ah yes, I remember Li'l Abner - I could never figure those tiny waists on the girls... A funny tradition about women proposing, and there was a lot of banter about that on our morning television yesterday. Have a nice week Darla.