Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Holiday in the U.S.

Happy Monday friends.  It is a holiday in the U.S.  I thought I would bring back a post from my old blog that some of you might not have seen.  I'd be interested in hearing about any jobs you have held.  Your first one?  One you liked?  One you hated?  One you have now?  Me?  I'm retired!

Today is Labor Day here in the U.S.  The last day of a three day weekend and for most folks it marks the unofficial end of summer. 

This is according to the Dept. of Labor. "Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

*Heilig Theater*

I thought it would be interesting to talk about our first job.  My first real job was as an usherette at the *Heilig Theater*  I worked part time there during high school.  My Father didn't really want me to work but I wanted to so he made a deal with me, I could work if I put half my pay check in saving.  Something I did religiously.  Since I was paid 35 cents an hour I can't say my savings account was ever huge but I added to it with every paycheck.

I have fond memories of that time.  Being an usherette at one of the two major movie theaters in town was considered rather glamorous and a plum job for a teenager. It was back in the day when movie theaters had a door man and usherettes wore a uniform and carried a flashlight.  When a major new film was being shown there was often a waiting line behind a big red satin rope in the lobby.  

Our uniforms were quite attractive if a bit military looking.  Usherettes had a dressing room to use to change from our street clothes.  It was located behind the stage and complete with fancy mirrors. lights and all. I think it was left over from the days when the theater actually held live productions.

Do you remember your first job?  Like it or hate it?


  1. Jobs: Babysitter, Swim Instructor and Lifeguard, college cafeteria worker (poured milk at meals), library clerk (Boeing-summer), payroll clerk (Wanapum Dam as it was being built), bank teller, corporate secretary (insurance company), secretary (Boeing), and finally - after retirement from Boeing - Theme Reader is a Jr. High School

  2. Happy Labor Day,think you have an idea about my working life LOL!!Those were certainly glamorous uniforms,remember being shown to my seat with the girl shining a torch,and then at the interval the ice creams were served from a tray with a strap round the usherette's neck.........Happy memories:).

  3. Jobs: baby sitting, running auto parts, temporary booking secretary for Sheriffs dept., auto parts dept. manager, retail clothing a couple of times, manicurist (13 years) family irrigation office manager/field runner, closet designer/office manage to Project manager for a cabinet manufacturer, sold floor at a flooring store, call center for catalogue sales ...........whew! Started young and now RETIRED! My favorite job was being a manicurist till my hand developed arthritis, then it would be working for the cabinet shop...........learned so much there, too bad I had to work harder than an ugly where I finally burn-out and left.
    I have been blessed to have had all those jobs in such diverse fields........makes me who I am today.....retired...LOL!!

    Loved your "first job" story........I remember those days!

  4. I remember your post and was always very impressed that you had what must have been a very nice job back then.

    Babysitting was my first job. Ironic, I was 14, and nowadays kids aren't allowed to be home alone at 14, much less sit for others.

    When I was a freshman in high school, I became a lifeguard, or water safety instructor (WSI). I was at the pool from 11:00 am to closing, which I'm thinking was at 9 pm each day of the week. We got no days off, but worked every day.

    We rotated between four 30-minute jobs. We would work the front counter where we collected money or the pass. We handed out baskets, and if there was a lull, we cleaned the showers. Next we took the low lifeguard stand for 30 minutes. Then we went to the concession stand for 30 minutes. Finally, we were at the high lifeguard stand. We got an hour off for lunch or whatever we wanted to do. To make extra money, I often scheduled diving lessons, while some scheduled swimming lessons. The end of the year party, where we drained the pool was the best part. It took about six hours to drain and we swam, laughed and told tales from that year. Afterward, we had a barbeque.

  5. Hello Darla! There was a "First 7 jobs" thing going on at Twitter, and here is what I posted (all jobs before I was 21)
    Newspaper kid
    Farmers' Market -my favorite job!
    Our family restaurant
    Snack bar worker/manager and switch board operator at private club (Oakwood)
    •Fast food restaurant (Arthur Treachers)
    Cafeteria at John Carroll University
    Bar/pub in University Circle
    Jewelry store downtown Cleve
    Secretary at Cleveland State University

    Your job as an usherette - how cool!!!

  6. My first job was in a local council, and I liked it, not least because it was such a thrill getting a pay packet of my very own!

  7. Very first job was as a babysitter. But that doesn't seem quite official enough--LOL! MY first real job was working where my mother worked at a bindery putting together TV guides and catalogs. She more or less got me that job. I quit to work in a new small local pet shop. (Begged the owner for a job daily--he had no employees--offered to work for free.) That was the first job I had I truly LOVED!! Could hardly wait to get to work.

  8. I never baby sat or had a paper route or anything, so my first 'job' was some artwork- one teacher wanted a poster of the myth of Sisyphus, then there were some pencil dog portraits. In college I worked for the college, first for the football coach and then in the electronics/computer department, doing secretarial work, wire wrapping circuit boards, card punching, soldering things, putting together experiments... whatever needed doing that I was able to do.

    After college I worked for U-Haul for a bit as a yard bird- hooking up trailers, intake/outtake on trucks, minor vehicle servicing. Then I became a house painter for many years, before switching to gardener, retain nursery owner, writer, once again 'whatever I am able to do'!