Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 6/19/18

The last day at the river for a bit.  I was determined to get a photo for today's "tea".  Actually I'm ready to make coffee.  See the Melitta pot there on the left?  I like the kitchen at the house but I really don't like the electric stove.  I'm a cookin' with gas sorta gal.

Meanwhile outside.....

It was a great day to be outdoors yesterday.  Not too hot.  I spotted several Monarch butterflies while sitting on the porch.

Aren't they spectacular with their polka dot edges?

As we started down one of the back roads that leads to the highway we were confronted with this huge oak tree across the road.  Photo taken from car.  It must have just happened as there were no warning signs out.  We had to turn around and take an alternate route.  I was surprised.  A tree down is something I might expect in the winter but not the summer.

Not lets go over to Elizabeth's blog and see what adventures everyone else has been having.


  1. I grew up with gas and prefer it, but I have electric now. I love seeing your monarchs! It's been years since I saw one here. Sometimes we get rain enough to soften the ground so that trees fall; sometimes we get storms in the summer with high winds that blow them down. That limb, though, it just split off it looks like... Happy T Tuesday!

  2. Darla, your T post link goes to last week's entry. I hope some people are able to find your latest post like I did. How ironic that you are a gas gal. I am afraid of gas, as I had a bad experience with an old gas stove in the apartment I shared in Omaha when I was doing my internship. The pilot light went out, and when I tried to start it, the gas had pooled and it blew up in my face. You can keep your gas and I'll keep my much cheaper and safer electricity, thank you (grin). You actually have a beautiful kitchen at the river house.

    The monarchs were truly a treat to see. It's a bit early for them to arrive here.

    I enlarged the tree photo and wonder if lightening may have hit the tree. It certainly broke off in a jagged way.

    Thanks for sharing your coffee you were making, the monarchs, and the fallen tree experience with us for T this Tuesday. Again, I hope others find your latest blog post because after reading the new EU rules, I am afraid to link anyone other than myself.

  3. I prefer gas stoves as well, and use dual fuel these days, an electric oven and gas burning hobs.
    The butterfly photos looked beautiful, such a shame they have such short lives.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  4. Hi it dawned me after I had commented that that was last weeks post ha ha
    I totally prefer to cook on gas or over wood and coals-no electric for me at all-when we first moved here there was an old electric stove I disliked it so much that I had Hubs get rid of it til our kitchen was so we could bring in my big gas stove. I ended up cooking in crock pots and outdoors for almost a year.
    I love the monarchs but I do not see them here very often. I was trying to get some milkweed plants going for them but the plants didn't make it.
    Happy T Day Hugs

  5. I prefer a gas stove too 😁. Those Monarch butterflies are so pretty, their markings are amazing! Wow, IIwonder what happened to the tree and I'm glad that you found an alternative route and got home safely. Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  6. What a beautiful butterfly the monarch is! I grew up with gas stove cooking but had to go to electric since I'm married. It's been OK for me even though I'd still prefer gas. Happy T day!

  7. Hi Darla!!! Have you had a lack of rain?? Maybe the tree was stressed or diseased.. who knows... Just glad you weren't under it when it decided to give up the ghost! Oh i used to see tons of Monarchs in TX .. So nice to see yours.. i miss them.. I used to only cook on electric then about 6 years ago i got a gas stove and never looked back.. Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  8. Lucky you to see all those monarch butterflies. That's very cool. We are having gorgeous weather today too. I wish I could have been home to enjoy more of it. My gardens are calling me lately. :) Hope you had a fantastic T day and your weather stays beautiful. Hugs-Erika

  9. Fabulous monarch butterflies. I had a gas stove in earlier years but I love my electric oven and specially the ceramic glass cook top makes me happy since it is so easy to clean.

    Hugs, Susi

  10. Beautiful monarch butterflies! We didn't see any this year. Hope you didn't have any more surprises on the road. Happy T Day!

  11. Good thing that the oak tree didn't decide to fall when you were next to it. Maybe it was was partly dead that it broke in the summer? Or did you have heavy winds?