Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The House by the Bay

The house by the Bay was getting a bit of an update this summer while we spent time at the river.

It's an old house (built in 1938) it is a small house (only 2 br. and one bath).  However it is on a larger than average city lot for our area and we really like the location and the neighborhood.  In years past we gutted and remodeled the kitchen and added a sun room.  

This time it was the bathroom.  We stole a little room from the second bedroom to enlarge the bath and went from there.

It is hard to photograph the space but here is part of the quite large shower.  We had grab bars installed in a couple of places while we were at it.  Neither of  us needs them at the moment but one never knows.

The sink now has a mirror over it.  I don't know why but that tiny arched faucet amuses me.

Remodeling an old house is always a gamble as you never know quite what you will uncover along the way.  Our city is known locally for its many and very strict building codes.  This time we had to replace some under house plumbing that we hadn't planned on but in the long run that is ok.

I know a couple of my blogging friends are building homes, anyone else remodeling what they have?


  1. Love your shower. As you know we have remodeled several homes over the years and are currently having a home built. There are surprises in both lol.

  2. We renovated the kitchen a few years ago, installing new cabinets and countertops. We still need to do the floor. Thinking ahead with grab bars is smart. The bedrooms are upstairs in our townhouse, and we'll eventually need to move to a place with a downstairs bedroom. I do a property search every day. That's my focus right now.

  3. LOVE the shower and the grab bars are an excellent idea. I will have them in our new home day LOL!
    I adore the smaller "old" vintage homes. Our cabin only had one bedroom, but we slept three families in it many occasions. Good times but wouldn't want it as a permanent solution.

  4. Your bath update is fabulous. I like the idea of the grab bar. I have two baths, one on the main floor and one I built myself in the basement. Both have tubs and showers, but if I ever update, I'll opt for a shower only in one of the baths. I have a removable bar in my basement on the tub. It is to help me get in and out, but I find it to be a bit of a pain, since I have to step around it and don't use it (yet, at least). It was one of those heartfelt gifts my friend Sally gave me since she knew I had two baths and had to step in over the tub to shower or bathe.

    Sounds like your codes are even more restrictive than ours. Glad everything turned out so beautiful in the end.

  5. New shower looks very chic Darla, and grab rails a great idea. We don't have them, but we know we should. I am just putting finishing touches to our laundry room, which has had an upgrade: new appliances, sink, tapware and tiles, and a nice white bench cupboard. It is refreshing to have a nice work space.

  6. Looks great! Remodeling is a huge undertaking. So nice that you have another place to stay. You will really appreciate the new bathroom. :)