Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tea Stands for Tuesday - 3/7/17

When Tuesday rolls around I look forward to joining Elizabeth and friends for tea (or drink of choice).

Another cup has been added to the mix of colorful thrift store china at the river house.  

Several friends have recently asked about our situation on the river. We are located down river from the Oroville dam which was on the news.  Our area was not evacuated but there was a town meeting to discuss evacuation and we were advised to be on standby.

Our house is fine.  We have lots of standing water, after awhile the ground just couldn't absorb more.  We had one tree fall but fortunately it was far from any structures and only did minimal damage to a fence.

I tried to find some photo's with the same river view to compare

This was taken in about May of 2016

A similar shot of the river this month.

Here is the current view right behind the house.  Local  people say they haven't seen the river this high in about 30 years.

California has been in a drought for at least 5 years.  Right now in Northern California we are at 200+ percent of normal for rain/snow.

The rainy season for the area is said to end mid April.  Of course the river is the major carrier for all the snow pack and run off for a huge part of the state so I imagine it will remain high for quite awhile.  I think the flood danger has passed but there is still some concern about the levees holding back so much water pressure for so long.

Thanks to those who were concerned.  We hope to be enjoying our cup of tea on the front porch again real soon.


  1. Gosh Darla. We heard about the Orville Dam on the news and the photos were alarming. Glad you are safe.
    Wish Mother Nature would operate better in the "Moderation" department.
    Seems its feast or famine these days.
    Lots of good farming could come out of the end of your drought.
    Stay safe and your cup is so cheery!
    Another great find.
    Happy T Day to ya oxo

  2. So glad to hear you were not in intimidate danger and the river house stands strong! It almost seems strange to actually see water in the Kern River running through Bakersfield. It has been a LONG time, but everything is SO green this year.....I love it!
    I adore all your thrift shop pottery, I even look for it in the thrift shops around here .....no luck :((

    Happy T-day

  3. Yes, dear Darla, I was one of those worried when I saw photos on TV about Oroville Dam. Seems like you went from the fire to the frying pan (a mixed up metaphor indeed). At least CA is out of its drought for a few weeks, and maybe even for the rest of this year.

    Your cup is quite cheerful and I am so glad you are safe and nearly out of danger.

    I would gladly take some of your excess water, since we had NO moisture in KS in the month of Feb. We've had dozens of fires all over the state because of the high winds and low humidity.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful cup and water update with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. I hope the river will start receding, you have really taken your share of water this time. We had weeks of high water in the Rhine last year, the whole world seems to be going crazy! Stay safe, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. oh my, water is something i really fear... it can damage so much. hope you will come well through the rainy season! the climate Change really is such a troublesome Thing!
    happy t-day anyway!!

  6. So glad you are safe, the river looks much higher in your photos, I hope the water recedes soon. I love you kettle and the colourful mug from your thrift collection - wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  7. Love that bright cup!

    I'm glad you escaped the worst of the flooding. That's been a scary look into what "infrastructure" means when we think about repairs needed.

    Your arch over the gate really appeals to me, and your views! I hope the trees don't suffer from so much high water and that you're back enjoying your porch soon.

    Happy T Tuesday

  8. cute mug for your beverage today...and quite dramatic photos of the overflowing river! glad everything is ok with you. happy T day, do take care!

  9. Love the bright new mug, I always look out for bargain mugs when I find a discount store/
    The were great photos of the river, but not so good for you with the dangers of the river flooding. I hope its past its worst times and you stay safe.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  10. I'm sooo happy to hear this good news!! 💗

  11. That sure looks like a river in flood Darla. I am so pleased you are safe and the water came no higher. We have had a lot of dry years too, very similar to CA in a lot of ways, with deserts, droughts, and then floods. It is over two years since we saw a flood, and actually we could do with the rain right now!

  12. I'm so glad you are alright Darla... We lived in CA for three years during the drought.... it figures the rains would come when we leave...lol.. Be safe! Please excuse the late visit this week... We have been working on the craftroom all day... Paint going on the walls!!! Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  13. So pleased you stayed safe.

    A belated Happy T Day to you.

    Love Chrissie xx

  14. You've had reason to dislike the weather in the past few years. Summer is on its way and soon all that water will be just a memory.

  15. Glad your place is okay. :)

  16. Poor CA - from one extreme to the other. I'm glad your house is okay and the immediate danger has passed. Wishing you an early end to the seasonal rains.

    Thank you for the comparison photos to put your situation in perspective for us. Photos on the news have been pretty scary.

    Happy T-day, Darla! Hugs, Eileen

  17. Good morning and Happy T day but on a thursday lol just now getting to the computer this morning.
    glad to read you are safe! love the new cup