Monday, March 27, 2017

Knit *Norwegian Star* pattern.

While I've knit a fair number of things there is always a new stitch of a new technique I want to try.  This time around I learned the basics of "Stranded Colorwork".  

The design is probably familiar to many of you.  It is called *Norwegian Star* and I think it is very traditional.  I chose to make a hat because it is a small project.

The yarn is a Berroco worsted wool and the hat is quite warm.

I enjoyed the learning process and will probably use the technique again in the future.

Have you tried something new recently?  A new recipe? A new plant in your garden?  


  1. Mornin' Darla - I love your new hat. Beautiful color work and pattern. Well done. Thanks for sharing.\

  2. I love that hat! I just ordered a basket weaving kit and I am going to try my hand at basket weaving!

  3. It's gorgeous!
    I stopped my stranded knitting for a moment because two of the colors are so similar, and my yarn gets tangled, and I'm knitting with the wrong color. I need more light! x

    1. Can't imagine three colors. This was challenging enough

  4. What a beautiful knitted hat Darla. I hope it is for you - so cute and warm. It reminds me of a beret my mother knitted for me when I was about six, which had several colours, a similar design, but also included little brown Scotty dogs. Gosh I wish I still had it :)

  5. The hat looks great! One day I will try the Norwegian Star as well. I like stranded colorwork if it's not too many different colors I have to handle!